Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 8 December 2015

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

Developments in Heidelberg (Dulip)

  • XML Process
  • Lens Viewer



  • workshop was very successful:
    • 60 people from different institutions, some hosting OJS, some considering it
    • interests in participating in the OJS-de network
    • wishes/requirements: e.g. documentation (how-to, what-to-consider), usability, customization, ORCID, ALMs, authoring solutions and document conversion
  • Edition Romiosini using OMP launched:
  • Versioning for OJS 3.0

OJS and COAR Resource Type Vocabulary:

--> Which types should be considered for journals?

DataCite Test Environment URL Changes -- do they effect DataCite export/registration plugin?


New OJS project at FIZ Karlsruhe, s. (in German)


Release Progress (Alec)

  • OMP 1.2
    • Still targeting Q1 but lots of work to do
      • Thanks to Smithsonian, Heidelberg, Free University Berlin, and others for testing/development
    • Overhauled approvals
    • Completing refinements of access controls to queries (copyediting, proofreading, etc)
  • OJS 3.0
    • (Features per OMP 1.2; planning aggressive 3.0 release after OMP 1.2)

Journals and presses that plan to go live in 6 months or more can (consider) start working with OJS and OMP master branch. IZ

  • OJS stable
    • Can schedule OJS 2.4.7-2 / OJS 2.4.8 at the group's discretion. Have a variety of bug fixes but nothing substantial yet.
    • Release after COUNTER plugin upgrade, ca. January/February 2016
  • Bozana:
    • Persistent Identifier in OJS 3.0 -- a slightly different UI/UX approach
    • DOI deposit plugins
    • Crossref deposit improvement

PKP Network/Index (James)

  • 50 early adopters
  • after some problems are solved, it will be open to the new users, with official announcements, users invitations,...

Translation (Marco)

Missing Marco

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • Huge OMP work
  • approach: do less and keep it simple
  • usability testing for OJS 3.0 beta

Next Meeting

12.01.2016 9am Vancouver time