Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 8 April 2014

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In Attendance

Alec Smecher, Kevin Stranack, Jason Nugent, James MacGregor, Bartek Kawula, Brian Gregg

Quick updates

  • Recently had a successful PKP Sprint.
  • Have been working on follow-up, especially on integration/testing and UI/UX.
  • Have been seeing a slight uptick in code contributions via Github, which is great.

Upcoming milestones (Alec Smecher)

  • OJS 2.4.4 (currently in translation) with primarily patches, plus some improvements after the sprint
  • OJS 2.4.5 is being scheduled for the summer
  • OMP 1.1.0 came out last month: represents a lot of new code (stats, expedited submission process, more)
  • OMP 1.1.1 being considered for release sooner rather than later, but waiting in consideration of UI/UX release
  • OCS release planned for this summer; patch fixes plus also contributions from Columbia
  • OMP 1.2/OJS 3.0b: currently waiting to be scheduled. Will schedule based on UI/UX review.
  • Pitt: New hire on now; looking forward to starting Plum widget;
    • getting new hire up to speed on git; Alec volunteered to help with orientation

Review tech committee mandate (Alec Smecher)

  • deferring until next meeting.

UI/UX update (Kevin Stranack)

  • short term goals:
    • review existing software (OMP 1.1/OJS 3)
    • Kevin gathering existing reviews
    • User Services Group has also been created, yet to be clearly defined
    • some easy wins we can pull out of reviews
    • Question: where to track this work? Wiki works for now.
      • possibly also use the new forum?
      • stay away from trying a complete process overhaul at once

Sprint debrief (Alec Smecher)

  • Really productive, lots of code, lots of group work.
  • some areas of work pushed through much more quickly than previously, eg. CrossRef work; testing work; LOCKSS PLN; UI/UX; usability standards;
  • general 2.4 bugs fixed.
  • considering tying one in with the AGM this fall.

Mailing lists

  • retiring pkp-support; split into pkp-internal, pkp-dev (wider developer mailing list).
  • if you want to be included on pkp-dev, please let Alec know. Medium-traffic list.

Next meeting: Tuesday the 29th, 9am PDT.