Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 6 February 2018

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Chris: revising Illinois fork of Bootstrap theme for new UI branding, launched a new monograph (publicized via OMP), prepping another journal
  • Question of the Month
    • What would *you* like to see as a future Question of the Month?
  • Clinton (Pitt)
    • Current work: Federated search for legacy journal titles
      • Context: One journal merges with another, newly merged journal searches both journal's backissues
      • Abandoning SOLR (ancient version)
      • One site install, two journals; hijack journal's search handler and redirect to index search
        • Hook for hijacking Request/Router?
        • Hook for hijacking URL output?
    • Future question: What would make the next Sprint awesome?
  • Kenton (Ualberta)
    • Current work: Active OJS 3.1 migration project. Talking with PKP about contributing developer time to integrate Objects for Review type functionality into OJS code base (instead of a plug-in). From the notes Alec took:
      • A toolkit to allow the manager/editor to solicit reviews (typically of books), so that authors can submit something the journal wants.
      • Additions to the OJS workflow to track review-related metadata for these submissions (e.g. what's being reviewed, who authored the original work, etc).
      • Additions to the publishing front-end to present review content appropriately.
    • Future question: How do large sites plan for business continuity/disaster recovery around their OJS hosting?
  • Alex (SciELO), via email
    • As a quick update, we are making progress with our OJS 3 internal and external testing. We should schedule a Webinar until the end of the month to our 48 journals. I am thinking of a series of two webinars: setting up a journal + workflow. PKP School has been of great help for molding our future Webinar (so thanks for that!).
    • Regarding my suggestion for Question of the Month: What are your thoughts about Preprints? Do your journals accept it? How do you think it will change peer review as we know it?
  • Dulip (Heidelberg)
    • Current Work : migration script for converting OMP Web2py database-tables into Django-Framework
    • Minor enhancements to lens-viewer for OMP
  • Svantje (Berlin)
    • workshop last week - meeting of german OJS users and developers
    • Question of the month: How can we improve the support for developers? :)

Docker / Infrastructure

Report out on subgroup conversations and work.

Release Progress




Other topics

PKP Sprint in Heidelberg on Sep.20-21 2018

Next Meeting