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== Other topics ==
== Other topics ==
[http://www.ojs-de.net/aktuelles/2018-01-29_pkp_sprint_heidelberg.html PKP Sprint in Heidelberg on Sep.20-21 2018 ]
* [http://www.ojs-de.net/aktuelles/2018-01-29_pkp_sprint_heidelberg.html PKP Sprint in Heidelberg on Sep.20-21 2018 ]
* Alex is working on a proof of concept with the Hypothesis PDF annotation software.
== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==
* Looking at week of March 6th.  Clinton will poll the group to find best day and time.
* Looking at week of March 6th.  Clinton will poll the group to find best day and time.

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In Attendance

  • Clinton, Kenton, Dulip, Svantje, Marc, Chris, James, Alec

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
  • Question of the Month
    • What would *you* like to see as a future Question of the Month?
  • Clinton (Pitt)
    • Current work: Federated search for legacy journal titles
      • Context: One journal merges with another, newly merged journal searches both journal's backissues
      • Abandoning SOLR (ancient version)
      • One site install, two journals; hijack journal's search handler and redirect to index search
        • Hook for hijacking Request/Router?
        • Hook for hijacking URL output?
    • Future question: What would make the next Sprint awesome?
  • Kenton (Ualberta)
    • Current work: Active OJS 3.1 migration project. Talking with PKP about contributing developer time to integrate Objects for Review type functionality into OJS code base (instead of a plug-in). From the notes Alec took:
      • A toolkit to allow the manager/editor to solicit reviews (typically of books), so that authors can submit something the journal wants.
      • Additions to the OJS workflow to track review-related metadata for these submissions (e.g. what's being reviewed, who authored the original work, etc).
      • Additions to the publishing front-end to present review content appropriately.
    • Future question: How do large sites plan for business continuity/disaster recovery around their OJS hosting?
  • Alex (SciELO), via email
    • As a quick update, we are making progress with our OJS 3 internal and external testing. We should schedule a Webinar until the end of the month to our 48 journals. I am thinking of a series of two webinars: setting up a journal + workflow. PKP School has been of great help for molding our future Webinar (so thanks for that!).
    • Regarding my suggestion for Question of the Month: What are your thoughts about Preprints? Do your journals accept it? How do you think it will change peer review as we know it?
  • Dulip (Heidelberg)
    • Current Work : migration script for converting OMP Web2py database-tables into Django-Framework
    • Minor enhancements to lens-viewer for OMP
    • Question : Howto resolve security considerations on subscription module for future?
  • Svantje (Berlin)
    • OJS-de.net workshop last week - meeting of german OJS users and developers
    • Question of the month: How can we improve the support for developers? :)
  • Chris (Illinois)
    • revising Illinois fork of Bootstrap theme for new UI branding
    • launched a new monograph (publicized via OMP), prepping another journal
    • complaining about running a dev version of OMP/OJS. Alec mentioned some issues on road map coming up mid to long term that might help with this. [1]
  • James
    • Past month doing lots of internal house cleaning on hosting site with dev team about how to report issues and schedule work within Github. New label in Github to help prioritise things.
    • General stats and reporting - document within PKP team now for internal review. External review coming soon.
    • Looking at command line tools that will be needed.
  • Marc
    • DOJO screen cast [2]. Continued work on Docker
    • Working on improving Spanish Translations. Next version will be better.
    • Testing OJS (via docker) with newer versions of PHP/MySQL. Some newer journals work well, with other older journals having database issues.

Docker / Infrastructure

  • Virtual meeting mid-January on Infrastructure. James has sent out notes from the meeting to the tech listserv. Three themes emerged:
    • better migration tools
    • better SSO/authentication options
    • continued improvement to OJS 3’s non-core-code customizability
  • Setting up working group on data migration question might be a good next step - ex. Extending import/export plugin to allow for different data sources.
  • Will set up slack channel to further discuss this issue.

Release Progress

  • Labels for better transparency on milestones/goals: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/labels
  • OJS/OMP 3.1.1 under 10 remaining issues; on track for Q1 release
  • OJS 3.2 shooting for early Q4 release; feature list to be refined as we finish 3.1.1
  • Identified 3 long-term priorities to address incrementally in each release:
    • Stats/reports
    • Document-centric workflow
    • Hosting priorities
  • Potential license refresh (GPLv3) -- dusting off last year's conversation
    • Discussion about best approach for dealing with past contributors with any licensing change
    • Comments can be passed on to Brian Owen.
    • Issues include risk of possible fork at point of license change


  • Marco taking a break from day-to-day management; Alec taking care of merges in the meantime
  • Translation meeting to review Pootle and other options on Monday 12th




  • Reviewed last round of feedback and filed some of the highest-priority issues; see the UI/UX label in github

Other topics

Next Meeting

  • Looking at week of March 6th. Clinton will poll the group to find best day and time.