Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 3 June 2014

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In Attendance

Alec, Kevin, Bartek, Bozana, Brian, Clinton, Jason, Marc

Quick Updates

  • PKP
    • OJS 2.4.4-1 released
    • OCS 2.3.6 released
    • Continuing refinement of commit, code review, UI/UX process and prototyping tools (not sure if OpenShift performs reliably enough)
  • UPitt (Brian, Clinton)
    • Migrating to for coding is progressing well
  • Bozana
    • Hiring a developer (see support forum)
    • Will be working more with OMP
    • Objects For Review included in OJS 2.4.4-1; will continue to refine
  • Bartek
  • Marc
    • mOJO improvements

UI/UX update (Kevin)

  • Stages
    • completed an evaluation of the OJS_Workflow:_Stages
    • ran it past a small group of users for feedback
    • in the process of implementing for OMP and OJS 3
  • Dashboard
    • currently working on grids and tasks as part of OJS_Dashboard redesign
    • prototypes are available on openshift
    • currently doing user testing on grids, positive feedback so far
    • can involve members of this committee, if you have time
  • Next Steps
    • next steps will be to work through the editorial pages (Submission, Review, Copyediting, Production)
    • also beginning to gather data in preparation for reader interface work

GPLv2 vs GPLv3 (Alec)

Identified some license incompatibilities as we're using GPLv2 for our code and including a mixture of other licenses e.g. for libraries. Cannot simply move to GPLv3 because it's in turn compatible with GPLv2 and at least one tool (plupload) has opted to stay with GPLv2. Continuing research.

Next Meeting

July 8th, normal time; Alec will try to put together a wiki agenda a week beforehand. No news on replacement chair; Alec will inquire.