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Present: Alec S, Brian G, Marc B, Rachael H, Jason N, Barbara H, James M, Bartek K

Round of Updates

  • PKP:
    • OJS 3.0a maintained stable for UI/UX review
    • OMP 1.1 coming up in December; import/export, expedited submission, stats
    • OJS 3.0b will be rescheduled to incorporate UI/UX feedback
    • OJS 2.4.3 will be released soon with stats rewrite and many small fixes
    • Jason working on git documentation for Brian/Pitt to review
    • James: Hired a familiar face to work primarily on hosting, but also some documentation and support duties. Part time
    • Working to get a developer for one hosted client.
    • Working with Kevin on documentation.
    • Ongoing contact with Brian H
  • Pitt
    • OMP work: naming and domain for production site necessary for launch
    • Rachael communicating with Vanessa on test data and UI/UX testing
    • Vanessa working with external institutions re: Dataverse testing in December
  • Marc Bria / UAB
    • Marc has found a couple of developers interested in contributing to templating/theming
    • Theming is a common first point of interaction for developers; important to get right
  • CDL
    • Rachael speaking with several intitutions; collecting representation for broad variety of uses/configurations
    • Recruiting editors, authors, reviewers
    • Hope to bring feedback to various committees in December
    • Alec offers to tackle minor development if it would help avoid pain points; Rachael will send one.
    • Rachael working with Bruno on dashboard refinement
    • Barbara: Helping Rachael with UI/UX support; waiting for some data; local support
  • OCUL
    • Bart: Nothing much to report; migrated an OMP install onto OCUL servers

Update on commitments made in August

  • James talking with [redacted]. Continued. Need to consider further, perhaps talk with Brian & Kevin. Code may need refinement.
  • Alec is happy to review code even if it's at early stages
  • Have some plugin code from Juan to potentially pass along for refinement
  • [potential partnership with X]: MOU finally out of legal
  • Alec: UI/UX installation: Setup completed. Barbara has access.
  • Brian O: Following up leads. Likely ongoing.
  • Member interests document: Some information filled in. More to do.
    • Next meeting: each partner can say a few words about their interests that we can turn into potential work items.
  • Jason: github documentation. Work with Brian. Underway; nothing shared yet.
  • Brian O: Volunteered to take some items to the other committees; Barbara will follow up
  • Alec: Committed to asking Marc about multi-journal training structure.
    • Marc enthusiastic. Next meeting might be good opportunity.
    • Mark likes hangouts.
    • Hangouts: we hit participant limits before; not sure if they're still the same
    • Barbara: Readytalk is available. Marc: Can't share screen with Linux.
    • Alec will double-check limits on Google Hangouts.
    • Marc: 20 minutes or half an hour would probably be enough.

Community feedback document

  • Alec commits to reviewing the document for high-level goals.

UI/UX review

  • As above in updates section

Next meeting

  • Thursday Nov 14th, 9am