Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 2 January 2018

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In Attendance

  • Alec (Luciana), Chris, Clinton, Dulip, Kevin, Marco, Svantje

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Svantje:
        • shariff plugin for OJS/OMP 3 ( (how to get plugins in the plugin gallery?)
          • Alec will email Svantje about how to get a plugin into the gallery, and they will turn it into a blog post.
        • planing to upgrade our installations to OJS 3 (are there plans to add more design options to the default theme - like background color or link color?)
        • preparing code changes for article versioning for the merge (how to inform other developers? doku of changes in wiki ( and via forum?)
      • Kevin:
        • UI/UX testing: Submission lists, etc
        • New courses (PKP School)
        • OJS 3 theming: hope to have the first comprehensive theme ready around the end of January
      • Dulip:
        • Mostly documentation for OMP-Frontend
        • OJS 3 Update plan
  • Question of the Month
    • What's New for 2018?
    • Clinton
      • Spinning up a SOLR server for OJS (need to do some federated searching across installs)
    • Alec (interpreting the question as "wish list"):
      • Get rid of PHP strict mode/obsolete code warnings
      • Modernize dependencies (ADODB/Smarty/PHPUnit/...)
    • Dulip
      • Solr Intergration for OMP-Frontend
      • 100% Jats XML -> PDF Publishing for simple monographs

Docker / Infrastructure

Report out on subgroup conversations and work; preparation for larger, open call for input? Proposed SaaS subgroup meeting: Tuesday, January 16th, 9am Vancouver.

Release Progress

  • OJS 3.1.0-1 is out (December 1)
  • We should release an OJS 2.4.8-x build
  • OJS/OMP 3.1.1 to be rescheduled shortly
  • OJS 3.2 to be rescheduled after that
  • OCS to be discussed


  • nothing major happened
  • question: how do we go about cherry-picking translation updates to the stable branch?
  • still to be discussed: translation tools and change of workflows/data


Amanda is currently implementing the recommendations from the last sprint on reorganizing our documentation.

First OJS 3 course available on PKP School (Setting up OJS 3)

Followup on volunteering for Technical Documentation updates.


Another successful round of UI testing, focusing on submission list changes and nav menu config in OJS 3.1

Uncovered some minor problems that will be filed in git for improvement

Ideas for areas to test next are welcome

Other topics

Next Meeting

Special meeting on SaaS on Jan 16, 9am Pacific

Monthly meeting: 6 February, 9am Pacific