Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 29 September 2015

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In Attendance

Alec, Bozana, Dulip, Marc, Marco, James

Quick Updates

  • Marc
    • Translations: Doing OMP es_ES & ca_ES update and packaging. Git commit before 2nd Oct.
    • Engage Spanish PKP university community: Very interested in building a regional ALM shared server (to be started with the new year).
    • Developing resources for the new course for our university OJS-newcomers (for 15th Oct).
    • Pedagogy with our managers to let them understand that PKP project "is free software BUT need financial support".
  • Bozana
    • Data privacy for statistics plug-in (OJS and OMP stable): better/correct salt management and information for the users
    • Shariff plugin for OJS (s. social media buttons without compromising the privacy of website users, using Shariff ( solution
    • Automatic DataCite DOI registration using cron job or Acron plugin
    • Default translation plug-in: display English texts instead of ##...##
    • Small fixes
  • Dulip
    • OMP xMetaDissPlus Plugin for German national library is in beta-status
    • Enhancements to Python based OMP-Frontend-Protal with lens-viewer (Multiligual support, Block Citations)
    • Frontend will be released with GPL-3.
  • Clinton (in absentia)
    • Was really hoping to get COUNTER refactoring into 2.4.7, but Bruno pointed out an oversight in my PR and I'm out all this week, so that's unlikely to happen.
    • Working on cleanup of the VTUL EZID plugin, especially getting it talking to the existing DOI Pub ID settings. The inheritance needs a bit of cleanup: EZID clones Crossref is a symlink of Datacite extends DOIExport, which doesn't exist independently.  !#!%?
      • The above work makes me wonder again about amending license language for "GPL 2.0 or later". With EzidDOI as an example, if I look at the git commit history for the Crossref plugin, does that give an authoritative list of authorship (and thus a contact group to assent to a license change?)
    • Hey, it's quiet out here on the PKP Network Discussion Paper!

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 2.4.7: 11 issues open, many of these likely to be deferred:
  • OJS 3.0
    • Working on task-based workflow proposal, which is looking like it'll be out of scope for OJS 3.0
    • Actively testing and developing
  • OMP 1.2
    • UI/UX changes for OJS 3.0b ported to OMP. Tests fixed. Master branch works again.
    • Release planned for Q4. Actively testing and developing, particularly with one high profile user. Will involve FUB and Heidelberg shortly.
    • Upgrade scripts in progress, including migration of old proof/copyediting processes to discussion tool.

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

  • Ongoing: Nate's task-based workflow proposal

PKP Conference / Sprint

  • PKP Network Discussion paper
  • Last conference details wrapped up (finances etc).
  • Big thanks to everyone who participated in the sprint and conference.

Translation (Marco)

  • When do we call a translation "complete"?
  • Renaming locales: English names vs translated names
  • overview of existing translations across applications
  • English locale

Community Forum

  • Spammers?

Next Meeting