Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 29 July 2014

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In Attendance

Alec, Bozana, Brian, Clinton, James, Jason, Kevin, Marc

Quick Updates

  • alec
    • stable releases scheduled
    • maint releases
    • working on plugin gallery
    • continuing to work with automatic testing
    • agm = oct 2/3 + sprint oct 1/2
  • james
    • mostly working on hosting, migrations to our servers, etc.
    • translation rounds started, new mailing list
  • jason
    • workflow stages tab implementation done
    • import/export work, based on smithsonian needs; developed spreadsheet for importing back issues
    • book review plugin next
    • ojs/omp bugs
  • bruno
    • stats fixing
    • ui/ux work (see below)
  • brian
    • working with plum analytics, niso sushi group, trying to stay standards-based; PKP has ALM plugin; U of T did some sushi work for Synergies; York doing work on how to represent stats in OJS; James will send around contact information.
  • clinton
    • copyright metadata bug; URI handling issues;
    • security implications of "x-forwarded for"(?), causing dropped sessions?, mess up institutional subscriptions; session ip check should be disabled (may need to be changed to off by default)
    • looking for feedback on bugzilla (better format?), OK to pester Alec directly, use tech mailing list
  • bozana
    • server migration
    • working with some new OMP users
    • looking at OMP translation
    • re-write of custom block plugin for OMP
    • taking some vacation in next two weeks
  • marc
    • migration from OJS 236 - 245
    • working on admin locker plugin
    • working with translation team (Spanish, Cat) for 245
    • maint tasks on local environment

Plugin Gallery

  • many of us are working on plugins
  • need to better manage these
  • looking at wordpress as exemplar
  • issues of compatibility and trust (sense of trustworthiness but also welcome outside contributions)
  • levels of "certification" (maintained by PKP, reviewed by PKP, developed by PKP partner, working since 2.2, etc.)
  • include in OJS 3.0beta, OMP 1.1
  • github is preferred, but not required
  • Alec will write up some documentation, folks here can test with their plugins
  • feedback welcomed

UI/UX update

  • Stages complete and implemented
  • Global Navigation close to being complete
    • awaiting further user feedback before confirming
  • Dashboard still being worked on
    • moved tasks from tab to global navigation
    • initial user feedback positive
    • continuing to prototype submission list
  • Working on the workflow pages, starting with Copyediting page
    • currently developing mockups (see images in wiki)
    • includes new concept of "discussion" section between copyeditor and auditors (typically authors)
    • application to other parts of the workflow (layout editing, author/editor revision discussions, etc.)
    • trying to reconcile John and Bruno's concepts for this, more work to do
    • task column - add complete status - in green?
    • more icons wherever possible (e.g., checkbox, not word "complete")
    • remove numbering - not really steps
    • will soon move to prototyping and further feedback requests
  • Next step will be to have all UI/UX developments to date included in a prototype and more fully test with users

Feedback / Q&A

  • working with how we use github
  • best practice for missing translation?
    • Leave blank if unsure; will get picked up by translator
    • need to differentiate between human translations and machine translations

Next Meeting