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== UI/UX ==
== UI/UX ==
* No current activity, but the last testing round was very fruitful.
== Other topics ==
== Other topics ==
== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==

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In Attendance

  • Alec, Clinton, Alex, Kenton, Marco, Svantje

Quick Updates

  • Question of the Month: What PKP products are you using, and for how long?
    • Clinton: OJS (mostly 2.x; soon to launch first 3.0); OMP (1 book). OCS decommissioned. Just starting OTS stack.
    • Alec: We use all apps, obviously -- notably OHS for the PKP index. Moving apps to OJS 3, which requires some server environment gymnastics.
    • Alex: OJS (2.x to 3.x upgrade); now OMP for pilot project.
    • Kenton: OJS for over 10 years; 40 journals. Offer free hosting for Canadian journals. Still on 2.x, hoping to move to 3.x this fall. EZID is a holdout. Used to run OCS but that has been decommissioned. Hoping to get into OMP soonish.
    • Marco: OJS for 9 years; translation as major recent (ongoing) contribution. Still primarily OJS 2.x but quite comfortable with OJS 3.x. Experimenting with harvester. Following XML parsing tools with interest.
    • Svantje: FU Berlin uses OJS since 2006; more recently OMP. Several pilot projects.

Sprint Debrief

  • Huge thanks, everyone! Biggest group yet, very successful and smooth.
  • Alec/Kevin will be in touch soon to "encourage" team leads to write up blog posts.
  • Very few remote participants. Need to continue considering tools.

Release Progress

  • OJS 3.1 just scheduled for October 20th. Locale freeze begins September 22.
  • Bozana just finished coding Section Editor recommendations, one of the big requests.
  • OJS 3.1 will include a lot of new dependencies (Slim, vue.js, etc.), so watch your server environment.
  • OJS 2.4.9: NTR.
  • Planning to continue with our simultaneous release intentions for OJS and OMP beginning with 3.1.1, which is the next to follow OJS 3.1.0.


  • OJS3
    • Spanish translation updated (thanks Marc and Jordi)
    • Russian continuously updated
    • will take another look at German
  • problems with conflicting translations
  • cannot put that much work into manually uploading & merging, need to refer people to GitHub
  • after OJS3 release: have to think about changes to workflow (technical), but also organizational (locale maintainers, more frequent updates, strong partners)
  • alignment of OJS, OMP release dates: need to coordinate translators (when different for OJS and OMP)
  • OMP, OJS2, OCS: no updates


  • Talk about this item's longevity next meeting.
  • Wiki? It's a tangle; what to do about it?
    • Suggest trying to launch a plumbing task force after the documentation sprint group's report.


  • No current activity, but the last testing round was very fruitful.

Other topics

Next Meeting