Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 29 April 2014

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In Attendance

Alec, Kevin, Bartek, Bozana, Brian, Jason, Marc

Quick Updates

  • mop-up from sprint continues
  • results going into repo
  • Crossref auto deposit won't make it, however (coming in 2.4.5)
  • will be needing to support wider crossref community as part of this, so need to get it right
  • more github pull requests coming in
  • 2.4.5 release will be coming out shortly after 2.4.4
  • Columbia working on some OCS development
  • tag bug number in pull request (automatically connects them)
  • Brian - new Pitt developer coming on board (Clinton)
    • working on Plum analytics integration
    • upgrading their github account
  • Bozana - working more with OMP, continuing work with OJS
    • looking for another developer, let her know if you know someone
    • growing interest in both OMP and OJS, more support responsibilities
  • Bartek - internal OJS work continues
    • using github to upgrade now
  • Marc - working with Sp/Cat translations
    • about 1-2 weeks from now to complete but can deliver a beta this Friday.
    • we can extend deadline to wait for this.
    • also working on institutional OJS 2.3.x to 2.4.x upgrades.
    • mOJO improvement: Now include "mojo user setpwd" and "mojo execute sqlparam 'select username,email from users;'"

Continuous Integration / Testing update (Alec)

  • focus of work since sprint
  • some unit testing - mainly back-end
  • integration testing for front-end
  • travis engine setup now, some sample tests available (log user in, out, etc.)
  • will be smoke testing this week, start recording scripts for auto testing
  • will eventually save us a lot of time, provide a more effective test
  • this will work into our code review practice
  • this is becoming standard practice in OSS development
  • overall, this will improve our software

Review tech committee mandate (Alec)

  • came out of sprint discussions
  • need for clarification from members around mandate
  • goals are:
    • to make PKP governance structures reflect community
    • this group includes dev partner developers + active, trusted developers from community
    • use quick updates to identify what people are working on, share resources, avoid overlap
  • we should review existing mandate to make sure it is still relevant
  • good to have cross-section of members - like at sprint; can invite more people to this committee
  • think about this and we can discuss further
  • new dev mailing list (let Alec know if you want to join)

UI/UX update (Kevin)

  • building on excellent work of CDL
  • established a UX Task Group, initially drawing members from PKP developers and support team
  • the current plan is to meet weekly to tackle a critical UX issue in OMP/OJS 3
  • met for the first time last week - topic was the editorial workflow stages timeline
  • brought together all relevant documentation and previous recommendations
  • reviewed and decided
  • looking to first prototype, run past a small set of users, confirm decision
  • this week we'll be discussing the dashboard
  • once we have an OJS 3.0beta, will conduct some usability tests to confirm all decisions, make necessary changes before production release
  • look at ways to include community in the process
  • recording process on the wiki