Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 28 October 2014

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In Attendance

Present: Alec Smecher (PKP); Jeanette Anne Hatherill (OCUL); Brian Gregg (Pittsburgh); Clinton Graham (Pittsburgh); Marc Bria (UAB); Jason Nugent (PKP)


  • Jeanette Anne Hatherill (Technical Committee Chair)
  • Marco Tullney (Translations)

Quick Updates

  • Clinton Graham (Pittsburgh)
    • SUSHI-Lite plugin, c.f. NISO working group
      • cleanup of usageStats and COUNTER plugins
      • new generic plugin to support SUSHI-Lite
      • will need to modify Stats Framework to accommodate customer/requester aggregation
      • (Alec suggests talking to Bruno; also watch out for German log anonymization requirements)
    • Potential assistance with Shibboleth improvements
  • Alec Smecher (PKP)
    • Rewrite of translation plugin (brief demo)
      • Will ask for feedback from this group to translator plugin when it's ready
  • Jason Nugent (PKP)
    • OMP 1.1.1 bugs; customizations:
      • Objects for Review for AAA (external reviewer database integration)
      • Metapress import plugin in progress
  • Marc Bria (UAB)

Release Progress

PKP Development Sprint Follow-up

  • Results blog post
  • Proposal: Use git issues instead of Bugzilla Google doc
    • No objections, group will read proposal and comment. Alec will take this to the weekly PKP call for a final decision.


  • Still trying to ensure we have enough comprehensive feedback on Copyediting proposal.
    • Alec will follow up with Kevin and Jeanette re: possible OCUL contacts
  • Increased use of tabs to avoid modals on modals (per quick demo of new translation plugin)
  • Will work on a reference UI test/widget set for automated testing and coder reference purposes.

Sender Protection Framework (SPF) Email Changes

Email servers are starting to lean more heavily on SPF to decrease spam. This is causing OJS journals to face more delivery problems.

Bug #8085: Better SPF support (Scheduled for OJS 2.4.6) Bug #8966: No-reply option (Scheduled for OJS 2.4.6)

Currently suggesting 3 approaches:

  • If using your own domain, make sure you get one with mail service as an option (
  • Use your own SMTP service (gmail, your institution, etc. -- whatever matches the primary contact address you want to use).
  • Use a "From" address. This would currently require a modification or plugin, as OJS currently uses the "primary contact" email and making that a no-reply will obviously be confusing. I'd suggest we can add a global configuration option that takes precedence. (See bug #8966.)

Translation Management and Merging

  • See Marco's proposal to rely more on the wiki. (Google group)
  • Group supports the proposal
  • Marco will work on a "reference" wiki page for German and perhaps Spanish
  • Marc will see about supplying an example reference from his Spanish translator group
  • Alec to follow up with James and Marco re: "core" translations and ensuring the proposal is OK.

Recommended Patches List

See recent discussion from tech committee list. - Clinton: suggest abandoning patching entirely. Weekly release. - Alec: Consistent with long term goals, but requires an upgrade test suite. Maybe also ADODB removed first. Git provides good middle ground; distinction is whether we version it. However, continuous integration or scheduled frequent release is consistent with our long-term goal. - Bozana: Don't currently run upgrade scripts as it means downtime; - Clinton: Proposal: Dash releases vs. point releases. Dash releases don't get upgrade scripts; point releases do. - Alec: Propose Clinton dusts off the conversation for more circulation on the list.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 25th, 9am Vancouver time