Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 27 October 2015

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In Attendance

Quick Updates



  • versioning (OJS):
    • main concept finished
    • consider versions in OAI interface

Release Progress (Alec)

PKP Network/Index (James)

Thanks to Marco, Marc and Clinton (for the feedback on PKP network idea)

Management of Network: exactly how Marco described it i.e. provide it as open as possible to PKP applications, see how good and bad actors will act within this (behavior vs. scholarly content). DOAJ delivers the quality control.

Index: It will be an index of OJS journals that can be filtered by everybody e.g. compared with DOAJ to get a list of open access OJS journals.

Is the word "index" appropriate? -- being indexed connotes some quality control. Discussion follows at 10.11.2015 9am Vancuver time (TCM + Brian + Kevin + Michael).

Translation (Marco)

  • Slow month.
  • Got question regarding translation rounds, will have to figure in releasing new versions more often.
  • Will think about next steps in improving/facilitating translations (follow-up to PKP5 talk with James)
  • Documentation, especially translating documentation, will be on that agenda.
  • Interested in embedding gitbook/markdown files into applications. Alec and Nate are working on embedding Help/GitBook/Markdown with OMP 1.2.

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • Testing OMP pre-1.2 with Smithonian and others
    • Workflow testing currently underway
    • Next week will meet about the reader front-end
    • Progress from there to e.g. email notifications

Community Forum

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Next Meeting

8. December 2015, 9am Vancouver time.