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== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==
* Tuesday, Oct. 31, 9am Vancouver time

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In Attendance

Alec, Chris, Clinton, Dulip, Kenton, Marc, Svantje

Quick Updates

  • Question of the Month: What unique value do you find (or find lacking) in the PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conference?
    • Alec: Really like the Q of the month! This subject is of big interest to PKP in general. Feedback would be very useful. One option: choose destinations with more activism? Africa, South America, Asia? USA?
    • Marco (email): Travelling to the conference isn't that easy, and I feel the conference is a little too short/too light for my taste. Having friends delivering keynotes and surrounding them with lightning talks only maybe could be improved. I realize that this is a question of resources, but why not allow for another conference day, with a proper call and getting people to talk about a few items in a little more detail? I don't mean to have people delivering 60-min-lectures, but a few topics might be suitable for 15 min discussions and a discussion. It's such a wonderful community, and I'd like to have the conference reflect this community by allowing for more discussions. (I like the sprint, but this probably needs some tweaking, too, so that the dev team can work together with volunteers (instead of managing the sprint and teaching people about stuff). But sprints maybe are adifferent question.)
    • Clinton: Found Vancouver event transformative (keynotes). Sprint is best value personally. Advisory board showed interest in internationalization.
    • Chris: Hasn't yet attended in person, but did contrib to a presentation. Sprints useful, though those could be held at different events. Competing events: useful to join?
    • Dulip: Conference feels important; motivation, meet the team.
  • Kenton: Appreciates international flavour. Suggest working on lightning talks (too short).
  • Svantje: First sprint/conference. Conference was interesting, sprint was fun. Like putting lightning talks into one block, using time for discussion. Come to Europe!

Conference follow-up blog posts are coming out now: https://pkp.sfu.ca/category/news/

  • Marc: Docker
    • Will add some progress/updates at the next meeting
  • Dulip: Oct 5/6 workshop in Heidelberg. Inviting Bozana, CEDIS Berlin, community.
    • Developing annotation plugin for OJS 3
    • Developing another URN plugin for German requirements for OJS 3
    • Work continues on technical specification for ORCID


  • Developers Workshop & MiniSprint in Heidelberg 5.10-6.10 link
  • ORCID Implementation pkp-lib issue
  • Versioning (Svantje)
  • Public Files Folder (Svantje)
    • Berlin considers to improve the management of public folders (security issues):
      • overview of files for manager with option to delete and add new files
      • include files from the public folder in tinyMCE
    • Any plans regarding this topic at PKP or somewhere else?
      • Alec suggests: Move public files area into files_dir and get rid of separate public files area; get rid of JBImages plugin and use some other mechanism instead.
  • State of Shibboleth upgrade for OJS 3?
    • Clinton has pieces in progress but is swamped with reporting requirements
    • Clinton has sent in a PR to work on constructors as preliminary step
      • Currently in a conflicted state; will try to dust off
    • Could we remove master branch code meanwhile?
    • Chris reports that the Shib plugin for OJS3 should be working. PR: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/pull/2661

Release Progress

  • OJS 3.1
    • Locale freeze on Friday (29th)
    • Release planned for October 20th
    • 26 open issues, 8 or so for translation updates, almost all others well underway


(from Marco in absentia) I have no big updates, will work through some translations to prepare them for OJS 3.2 release, but maybe will need some help cleaning up some of them. Will be in touch with Alec to talk about what's needed for the release. As discussed last month, no update on translation tools, deferred until after the release.


Should this standing agenda item be dropped in favor of the Documentation Interest Group? Would this committee like to keep the agenda item as a "report out" from a member of the Interest Group?

Mike Nason (regrets) will join us next month for a review of this; decision to keep/drop to follow.


Should this standing agenda item be retained?

  • Suggest a quick update from Alec. (Kevin is double-booked and likely to continue to be.)
  • Is the Bootstrap plugin official/maintained?
    • Yes, and the fact that it's on Nate's github account shouldn't be perceived as a lack of "officialdom".

Other topics

  • Report on the Advisory Committee meeting of September 20
    • Change in Advisory Committee chair and review of the PKP Interim Governance Document
    • Interviews for a Publications Support Specialist to assist in part with the Support Forum
    • bepress acquisition by Elsevier
      • PKP Services migration of bepress journal to OJS
      • Integrating journal publishing and scholarly repositories
    • Other items included: financials, strategic planning, developing relationships, reflection on the conference
  • What about IRs and journal integration?
    • Chris: Not a huge fan of integration, but we've made an archival commitment. Recently stopped using ContentDM; not sure current tech/plans.
    • Alec: OJS2 had a Sword plugin, which was useful for this. It is a priority. Recently saw Swordv3 discussion start up.
    • Dulip: Tests with Fedora but have moved away from it. Testing DSpace and MyCoRe.

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, Oct. 31, 9am Vancouver time