Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 26 August 2014

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In Attendance

Alec, Bozana, Brian, Clinton, Jeanette, Jason, Marc


We welcome Jeanette Hatherill to the technical committee, possibly our new chair. Currently the Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of Ottawa, since last January. Works with Andrea Kosavic, and is also involved in OCUL, PKP school.

Quick Updates

Marc Bria: Nothing relevant. On vacations now. Reviewing missing chanins of es_ES and ca_ES translations and dealing with git (looks like is undercontrol now).



  • Team of four, Clinton is the core developer
  • 35-50 journals supported in house, in OJS
  • 35-45 journals in scholarly exchange
  • A bit of OCS
  • Some OMP too, and a bit of OHS.
  • Plum analytics plugin, integration of sushi lite. No contact from sushi tech committee (no change)
  • UPitt in the middle of joining ORCID, doing a two way component, assigning ids to faculty. Beginning ORCID integration in OJS. Thoughts on this? PKP has been talking to ORCID, but there are issues with accessing the API without being a member, PKP not a developer. Alec happy to see public API coming. Perhaps UPitt and PKP can team up on this.


  • Licensed metadata.
  • Article-level copyright metadata into production. Waiting on feedback from publishing folks.
  • Interested in the GET-based path fixes, Bruno for feedback.
  • Enhancements to emails. Allowing journal level to set up email.
  • Looked at 2.4-tagged bugs and assigned as CC.

During this update, we also discussed moving OJS stable 2.4 branch to OJS dev branch. We would create new branches for specific release which only get recommended patches. Stability improvement, and adds ease of maintenance for hosting with Git and for cherry picking commits.


  • Eventually starting to work with OMP
  • Working with OJS server and hosting services
  • FU Berlin soon to hire new people
  • One OMP installation, Another coming soon
  • Possibly involved in modifications to OMP software
  • Contributions to static pages plugin, going into OJS master soon


  • Was away in Norway for two weeks since last call
  • Added fixes to import and export, other OMP and OJS bugs
  • Starting to work on Objects for Review plugin for AAA

Release Progress

  • OJS 2.4.5
    • due in early, mid September.
    • translations in progress, good progress so far.
    • 6 bugs still open, only one critical.
  • OMP 1.1.1
    • Stability release based on recommended patches.
    • No more manual testing after 1.1.0, irritating bugs slipped into that.
    • target for October.
  • OJS 3.0beta
    • Really want to plan this, but need to finish up UI/UX work.

PKP Development Sprint

  • October 1 and 2, in Vancouver.
  • Try to do remote participation, but small groups so that may be difficult.
  • Pick up on group work from previous sprint, automated testing a big one.
  • Will be asking for development topics from the group.
  • Please pitch ideas!
  • Talking about UI/UX, reader interface.
    • Group from Victoria attending, lots of experience with rich reader environments, tackling for OJS 3.0.

Automated Testing (Alec)

Test data specification: In place for OJS master, ojs-stable-2_4, OMP master, and omp-stabler-1_1

Sample build process:

Current discussion: regression/functional test organization

Additional Notes from Meeting:

  • The test suite is based on PHPUnit. Entire process, from set up, to user creation, to submission. Now in OJS stable, OJS master, OMP master, and OMP stable. Tied to pull requests and commits.
  • Comprehensive, for both MySQL and Postgres. Already proved worth by finding bugs.
  • Our Documentation for Github needs to be revised. This is an action item for the PKP team.

UI/UX (Kevin)

  • Plugin gallery revisions ready for user testing
  • Work continues on the Copyediting page
    • mockups with "discussion" section have been given an initial user test for first impressions
    • will be finalizing some changes later today, and be ready for further testing
    • looking for volunteers
    • expect this testing to result in further revisions
  • Next step will be to have all UI/UX developments to date included in a prototype and more fully test with users
    • again, this testing will probably result in some changes
    • once those are made, we should be ready for an OJS 3 beta release
  • Hope to have a session on reviewing/revising the OJS reader interface at the sprint.
    • Draw on expertise from ETCL

Next Meeting

Tuesday, September 23. 9 am PST.