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(Release Progress (Alec))
(Translation Management and Merging (Marco))
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== Translation Management and Merging (Marco) ==
== Translation Management and Merging (Marco) ==
** Marco has updated the wiki.
== Recommended Patches List ==
== Recommended Patches List ==

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In Attendance

Present: Jason, Alec, James, Marc, Clinton, Kevin Regrets: Brian, Jeanette, Marco

Hangout URL: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gvyyi6ghel55hiamx5dws4id7ia?hl=en

Quick Updates

  • Alec Smecher (PKP)
    • Moved plugin tests to plugin directories; plugins in separate repositories can now include tests (e.g. Static Pages plugin)
    • Experimenting with Composer (more below)
    • Experimenting with pdf.js plugin
  • Clinton Graham (Pitt)
    • Created/changed some validators: ISNI (ORCID), InSet, Date (scoping)
      • Thinking about adding some more: DOI (probably), UUID (probably just leave as a RegEx?)
    • Created SUSHI-Lite classes
      • TODO: COUNTER classes and report (JR1, AR1, etc.) classes. The question is when to start making these separate plugins instead of components of the sushiLite plugin.
  • Marc Bria (UAB)
    • Meeting es_ES and ca_ES translators to define tasks and translation workflow.
    • Meeting our journals to explain the benefits of OJS 2.4.5 and get their expert feedback.
    • Adding git repositories as code source for mOJO (and testing submodules to manage plugins).

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OMP 1.1.1
    • Remaining entries
    • Currently in translation; this is expected to be a brief round.
    • James: Talking to Marco about coordinating the update. Will double check the test translation install. Believes that we are good to go.
    • Bruno spending time putting together regression testing tools. Has created a plugin that logs emails in the database, so testing can verify that the emails contain the correct URLs
  • OJS 3.0beta
    • Still trying to secure feedback on copyediting before a release date can be estimated.
    • Have been discussing feature set for OJS 3.0 final release internally.
    • Will have a feature complete workflow for 3.0 release
    • Will be suitable for production use, exception being subscriptions
    • Once 3.0 is released, hopefully will receive interest/funding for certain plugins
    • Some critical/commonly used plugins like static pages already done.

PKP Development Sprint Follow-up (Alec)

  • Follow-up: using git issues instead of Bugzilla Google doc
    • We will migrate to git issues after the release of OMP 1.1.1.

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

Sender Protection Framework (SPF) Email Changes (Alec)

  • Committed to OJS for release in version 2.4.6.

Translation Management and Merging (Marco)

    • Marco has updated the wiki.

Recommended Patches List

  • Continue discussion from last time?

Composer for managing 3rd-party libraries (Alec)

  • See email circulated on tech committee list

Next Meeting