Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 25 July 2017

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In Attendance

  • Alec (PKP)
  • Alex
  • Chris
  • Clinton
  • Dulip
  • Jeanette
  • Kenton
  • Marc
  • Marco
  • Svantje

Quick Updates

  • OJS 3.1 release delayed (Alec)
    • Finally merging JavaScript (vue.js, API URL space, etc.) this week
    • Travis testing upgraded to new Trusty image to work around PHP version mismatch/weird performance quirk
    • Subscriptions partially merged (administration back-end); work on business logic/front end continues
    • New release date will be established shortly.

Tech Committee Chair

Translation (Marco)


  • two possibly colliding Ukrainian translations for OJS3
  • Spanish translation of OJS3 done (AFAIK)
  • German, Russian up to date
  • update on release date for OJS3?
  • Portuguese (pt_PT) translation just came in
  • Czech translation awaiting final merge (
  • see GitHub issues


  • offer for an Arabic translation of OMP



  • Sprint (Alec)
    • Expecting a larger group than usual; we may split into two rooms
    • Email with shared document went out yesterday; Slack invites in progress
    • PKP team may not be large enough to place a member in each group as usual; please consider yourselves ambassadors!

Other Topics

Extending metadata schemes (Dulip)

  • Alternative titles, Title-transliterations for journal articles (for languages not specified in ojs 3)
  • Is it already possible, without adding a dummy language ? if not what would be the best-strategy advice ?
    • Something like writing a plugin to extend submission_settings / metadata_descriptions  ?

Versioning (Svantje)

Solr (Svantje)

Next Meeting