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== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==
* October 28th, 9 am PST.

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In Attendance

Present: Alec, Jason, Bartek, Bozana, Brian, Clinton, Kevin, Jeannette

Quick Updates

  • Jeannette
    • Joined us last week, has offered to join the tech committee next month, and will chair. Will not attend the sprint, however.
  • Alec
    • Working on the static pages plugin
    • Discussing with Heidelberg changes around edited volumes within OMP. Changing the way entities are sourced for OAI, mainly due to the demand to sell chapters instead of whole books.
  • Bozana
    • Working with OMP, customization work. Integration with Book reader, etc.
  • Bartek
    • Hosting work, helping U of T migrate and upgrade their OJS from 2.3.x to 2.4.5. A lot of customization work to migrate.
  • Brian and Clinton
    • Met with PLUM analytics partners, put in contact with the folks at SUSHI lite, will start code shortly, probably after the sprint and AGM.
    • Clinton has started using 2.4.5, found a few bugs re: stats and custom theme.
  • Kevin
    • UIUX work, see below.
  • Jason
    • Working on OMP 1.1.1 bugs
    • Customization work for AAA
    • Metapress XML import into OJS 2.4.x

Release Progress

  • OJS 2.4.5
    • Released September 17
    • Good download numbers, over 500 in a few days.

No medium impact bugs reported yet. Quite pleased. New functionality: LOCKSS PLN plugin, CrossRef work, statistics improvements, testing framework

  • OMP 1.1.1
    • scheduled for October. Possibly November.
  • OJS 3.0beta
    • Soliciting feedback on the copyediting process. Quite confident that a release for the beta will happen in 2015.

PKP Development Sprint

  • October 1 and 2, in Vancouver.
  • Registrations figured out. Smaller group than what we had in the sprint. Full PKP team is attending, a number of universities attending. We will try to make something work for remote participants. UIUX, reader interfaces, some testing work, a few other interesting topics from the survey.
  • The AGM happens on Oct 3. Hoping to find a way to include the tech committee, but the meeting is in the afternoon which may make European involvement difficult. Will send out agenda beforehand for comments.

UI/UX (Kevin)

  • recent focus has been on the copyediting workflow
  • experimenting with an internal discussion format
  • did some user testing with wireframes, made some revisions
  • doing another round with revised wireframes, looking for volunteers
  • AGM sprint, review UX work to date
  • AGM sprint, analysis of reader interfaces, developing set of best practices for OJS 3 / OMP

Automated Testing (Alec)

OJS 2.4.5

Includes basic test suite in place (data build, unit, functional, plugin)

OMP 1.1

  • Working on data definition

OMP / OJS Master

Will additionally need to consider testing framework for plugins managed in separate repositories.

Git changes & documentation

Next Meeting

  • October 28th, 9 am PST.