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== Translation (Marco) ==
== Translation (Marco) ==
== Documentation (Kevin) ==
== Documentation ==
== UI/UX (Kevin/Alec) ==
== Sprint/Conference ==
== Sprint/Conference ==

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

Translation (Marco)



Other topics

Managed user registration

this can be a very helpful feature for future versions of OMP/OJS.

A basic requirement specification would be to allow a certain press/journal configured to be a managed press/journal. If configured true, press/journal managers will get a notification of a user request and can allow/disallow access for the certain user. This can also be a security feature against "defacement".

As a short-term strategy, we suggest adding the registration-date of the user and an overview of the folders in the backend.

A middle-term strategy proposal is to evaluate the restriction of tiny-mce upload to certain roles and a possible implementation.

Carola, Svantje & Dulip

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