Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 23 May 2017

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In Attendance

  • Jeanette
  • Alex
  • Dulip
  • Clinton
  • Marc
  • Svantje
  • Chris
  • Alec

Quick Updates

Clinton (Pitt)

  • Mostly working on Native XML import for OJS 3 lately
    • Now supports:
      • Distinguishing errors and warnings
      • Submission file import by reference
      • Defaulting guessable values
    • Concerns:
      • The import's error reporting depends on database records, not XML input
      • Unit testing is entirely missing and intimidating
        • E.g. mocking database—does anyone have experience to help out with this?
        • Alec may have some suggestions; will think about it
      • Should we allow absolute filepath import references?
        • Marc says no; newbies make installations, can easily shoot themselves in the foot
        • Clinton notes, OTOH, that newbie admins probably double as newbie managers (and would not be compromising their system to anyone but themselves).


  • SciELO found a volunteer for OJS 3
  • section editors’ roles did not come through (should be fixed in 3.1?)
  • can’t migrate now because of that
  • other features in 3.1 milestone will fix needed issues
  • SciELO will wait for 3.1 to migrate
  • will keep testing, looking for more issues
  • Alec says 3.1 focus is on subscriptions; may not get all of the features listed in the milestone
  • pay attention to deferrals, and highlight important issues

Translation (Marco)

  • going to prepare for next OJS 3 release, send out information to translators, maybe reactivate translation server
  • will work on updating the German OJS 3 translation
  • looking forward to upcoming Swedish translation of OJS 3, hopefully in time for OJS 3 release
  • cannot attend today, please follow up with questions/comments via email or chat



  • registration is open
  • invitations should have gone out to everyone on this call
    • some skepticism about that
  • virtual participation should be possible, though logistics are challenging
  • recommended accommodations have been published

Other topics

Versioning (Svantje)

  • added technical description to wiki: Versioning
  • next steps (OMP migration, …)?
  • Kasim(?) is working on API, too; will merge in Svantje and Nate’s code
  • Alec will look over OMP integration and try to incorporate as much as possible

OpenAIRE (Svantje)

Candidates for migration to OJS 3 (Svantje)

Managed user registration (Carola, Svantje & Dulip)

This can be a very helpful feature for future versions of OMP/OJS.

A basic requirement specification would be to allow a certain press/journal configured to be a managed press/journal. If configured true, press/journal managers will get a notification of a user request and can allow/disallow access for the certain user. This can also be a security feature against “defacement.”

As a short-term strategy, we suggest adding the registration-date of the user and an overview of the content of the public folder in the backend.

A middle-term strategy proposal is to evaluate the restriction of TinyMCE upload to certain roles and a possible implementation.

Alec: the e-mail validation code path could be used to allow similar unactivated accounts until admin approval. Also, how much of the concern was that the uploaded file was in the server space, instead of upload space?

Answer: some of concern was security, but also just content (copyright, illegal, obscene) is possibly of concern.

Alec: upload is sporadically-maintained, but image upload is desired for static pages, bios, etc. Leaning toward disabling it, then allowing file upload through back end.

Marc: Making hash of identified files, replacing them with e.g. transparent GIF when found. Alec also suggests looking at files that known-bad users have uploaded.

Publons (Alex) Creator wants to know if it’s used, if it should be brought into OJS 3.

Alec: I rely on the forums to see if there is use. Will check, report back.

Article-level metrics (Marc)

Is anyone working on this? Consuming event streams from e.g. Crossref, build up article metrics from it.

Lagotto is being funded by a group with slightly different priorities. ALM tool wasn’t working. Need an open replacement.

Alec: Replacement is in the works; should be out this year.

Next Meeting

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