Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 22 May 2013

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Present: Bart Kawula (OCUL), Qinqin Lin (OCUL), Brian Gregg (Pitt), Jason Nugent (PKP), James MacGregor (PKP), Barbara Hui (CDL), Alec Smecher (PKP), Allan Bell (UBC)

Minutes: James (PKP)

New member introductions:

  • Allan Bell (UBC), Director of Digital Initiatives at UBC
  • Bronwen Sprout (UBC), Digital Initiatives Librarian for UBC

What have we all been working on PKP-wise?

  • Barbara (CDL): working away on various OMP tasks.
  • Brian (Pitt): still using 2.3.8 in production environment; evaluating 2.4.x, but haven't yet moved to it. Dealing with staff shortages.
  • Qinqin (Scholar's Portal): Coming to the end of another internal project, which should free up some time.
  • Alec (PKP): continuing to work on porting UI tools from OMP to OJS. Nearing first alpha release (in ~5 weeks). Also doing some work with OMP and our early adopters group.
  • James (PKP): doing a lot of omp early developer organization, otherwise helping manage bugs.
  • Jason (PKP): working on the porting of OMP elements to OJS. Working away.

At-large membership: discuss poll results; identify top choices; make a plan for inviting nominees.

  • we have four top choices, one of whom may possibly be involved via other means.
  • Is it worth inviting the individual, but asking them to nominate another member from their home institution if there's a better fit? We're really going for institutional access here.
  • Alec to draft invitation letter.

3 volunteers from members committee - status?

  • Haven't heard. Barbara or Alec will check with Brian.

Reviewing our mandate, cont'd. Charge #1: provide technical input and advice on PKP’s software development methodologies and priorities.

  • Last time the group came to the consensus that PKP priorities and methodologies are unclear. We are working towards fixing this so that we can begin to give input.
  • James - overview of what priorities/methodologies documentation is available. How does the new WP site fit in and what's the status?
    • James gave an overview of the current documentation and priorities and documentations; information available in PKP Google Group.
    • also gave an overview of the website migration and documentation projects.

New priorities-related document (thanks Alec et al): Software Milestones page needs review.

  • Overall need for better documentation and organization/accessibility of information. Need for improving developer relations. How?
  • Discuss which format to use (blog? wiki?) for organizing/storing documents (e.g. agendas, meeting minutes, documentation). See this Google group thread

Committee communication

  • Google group
    • problems voiced by some external members about using Google Groups from a policy/privacy perspective.
    • technically, we're in a bit of a bind. SFU can't currently provide mailing lists that are also archivable. Brian and James will be following up with them about that.
    • in the meantime, we'll continue using Google Groups.
  • IRC? There is a #pkp channel on Will renew our use of this group on a trial basis.

Next meeting: how about Tuesday 18 June, 9am

  • We may invite our "new" invited members to attend as well.

Anything else?

  • How do we feel about circulating minutes?
    • Minutes to be circulated via Google Group, with a copy (possibly redacted where necessary) posted publicly to the wiki.