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(Release Progress)
(Other topics)
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== Other topics ==
== Other topics ==
* "Reflections and Directions After PKP’s First Two Decades" (https://pkp.sfu.ca/reflections-and-directions-2018/)
== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
  • Question of the Month
    • How do sites plan for business continuity/disaster recovery around their OJS hosting?

Software License Change

Proposals from Brian Owen:

  • Notify previous contributors that PKP will be migrating to GPL 3 with the release of OJS 3.2
  • Confirm that our license statement and related "legal" text is clear, consistent, and current.
  • Implement a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) for all contributions.

Discussion about specific licenses

  • GNU Affero; GPLv3 plus attribution clause; regular GPLv3; others.

Docker / Infrastructure

Release Progress

  • OJS/OMP 3.1.1 about to be released (last issue undergoing code review)
  • OJS/OMP 3.2 scheduled roughly for Q3




Other topics

Next Meeting

Doodle poll suggests that everyone can be available on Thursdays at 8am Pacific.

Proposal: 3rd Thursdays, 8am Pacific, +1 week if multiple conflicts arise; Next: April 19th.