Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 March 2018

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In Attendance

Alec, Alex, Chris, Clinton, Dulip, James, Kenton, Svantje

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Alex: first webinar with OJS 3 (video on youtube), setup of OJS - no workflow, testing environment
      • Svantje (FUB): Shariff plugin [1] for OJS 3 (how do you write licence statement in code files?) and GitBook [2] (who wants to contribute?)
      • Alec (PKP):
        • Plugin Gallery additions: currently 13 (5 external) plugins, metadata on the plugins, future tasks: compatibility (support for maintainers), automation of submission
        • Indexing with JATS for Erudit using OTS: OTS plugin for OJS, also conversion to JATS via batch? - Clinton: LOC wants to index oa journals - JATS would be nice, also for depositing
          • OAI JATS plugin looks for xml in OJS
      • Dulip (UB Heidelberg)
        • ORCID Plugin and enhancements to OMP Lens viewer and XML-Workflow
      • Kenton (Ualberta): OMP install for use in OER pilot, continued planning around contributing code for "objects for review" type functionality, Ongoing OJS 3.x migrations.
      • Chris (Illinois):
        • Mostly not PKP-related stuff
        • Getting back to our branded Bootstrap OJS theme
        • Turning attention to Bootstrap for OMP real soon now
      • James (PKP)
        • GDPR
        • Stats and Reports
        • Regional Partner proposal
  • Question of the Month
    • How do sites plan for business continuity/disaster recovery around their OJS hosting?
      • Alex: database dump for 7 days, gfs scheme, server in datacenter, restoring manually
      • Svantje (FUB): we have a daily hot backup, that stores all data and databases on tapes for three months.
      • Clinton (Pitt): backups of the databases are made nightly; backups of the filesystems daily. Backups are copied from local storage to offsite media for 6 months retention.
      • Kenton (Ualberta): OJS server in HA Linux Cluster, replicated SAN - spread across two geographically dispersed data centres. MySQL - Master/Slave set up - twice daily backups of data. Backups to disk (replicated across data centres using commvault software. We have tested and used backups frequently.
      • Chris (Illinois): local backups, content deposited into institutional repository which is backed up redundantly, including Amazon Glacier

Software License Change

Problem: different licences used, some are GPL 3 compliant, but not GPL 2

Proposals from Brian Owen:

  • Notify previous contributors that PKP will be migrating to GPL 3 with the release of OJS 3.2
  • Confirm that our license statement and related "legal" text is clear, consistent, and current.
  • Implement a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) for all contributions.

Discussion about specific licenses

  • GNU Affero; GPLv3 plus attribution clause; regular GPLv3; others.

Docker / Infrastructure

Release Progress

  • OJS/OMP 3.1.1 about to be released (last issue undergoing code review)
  • OJS/OMP 3.2 scheduled roughly for Q3


  • Alec handling/merging translations for now



  • Completed a round of testing, mostly focused on reviewer assignment tools
  • Next may involve some in-depth work on emails and notifications

Other topics

Next Meeting

Doodle poll suggests that everyone can be available on Thursdays at 8am Pacific.

Proposal: 3rd Thursdays, 8am Pacific, +1 week if multiple conflicts arise; Next: April 19th.