Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 March 2017

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In Attendance

  • Alec
  • Alex (Welcome!)
  • Chris
  • Clinton
  • Kenton
  • Marc
  • Svantje

Quick Updates

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OMP 3.1 - Note the version change to sync with OJS releases. Many changes to shared library, UI, courtesy of OJS.
  • OCS - We will rewrite OCS to current codebase, treating OMP, OJS and OCS as three "parts of whole". No concrete timeline, this will happen perhaps later next year.
  • OJS 2.4.8-2 - Released off of the stable git branch; contains trival database changes. Updates Crossref DOI standards; fixes assertion security hole. We would like to look into mailing list or twitter for security disclosure. The old "security" patches list on the download page is so unused that it would be missed. Committee affirms an opt-in mailing list; Alec will pitch this idea.
  • OJS 3.1 - Lots of current changes to the form class constructor will create backwards incompatible changes (starting with OMP 3.1.1). Subscriptions and other features still outstanding, but are next after cleaning up the constructors. Release date will slip 1-2 months.

Translation (Marco)

  • thinks we need to explore asking translators to use GitHub more frequently, also with regards to people using GitHub completely in their browsers; if time allows, will update translator documentation/book
  • translation progress:
    • OJS 3: two new Serbian translations (Latin and Cyrillic script), still a number of PRs open for Alec to review. code can be merged, but locales will only be put in registry after final acceptance of code updates for support of longer locale names (see
    • OJS 2: new Slovenian translation
    • OCS: new Turkish translation, under review
  • Question: What to do about missing Portugeuse translation strings in 3.0.1? Answer: Check for updates in 3.0.2; feel free to coordinate any contributions through Marco. He can get you in touch with others actively working on this translation.

Documentation (Kevin)

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • UAB has been working on recent testing.

Other topics

Versioning (Svantje)

  • Conflicts with OMP code -> Versioning for OMP (Alec)
  • race conditions? Alec sends info to Svantje
  • Software Licensing: Desire to moving from GPL 2 to GPL 3 or Affero to encourage use which contributes back to the community. GPL v3 can require attribution; aGPL has the viral clause trigger upon usage rather than distribution. Reply to the Tech Committee thread with your opinions. There is concern with how we change the license with all of the prior contributions (multiple legal standards are involved here). Alec with check with the SFU Innovation Office and the Advisory Board.

Next Meeting

  • April 18, 9am Vancouver