Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 June 2018

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Svantje: merging versioning in master branch (:/)
      • Kenton: Progress largely slowed down with holiday season kicking in. Still finishing remaining 2.x to 3.x OJS migrations. OER pilot using a variety of software options.
      • Marc: "rm -rf /" my laptop. Fixed php8VSmysql issues. Fixing docker4ojs. Setting translation journal. Meeting universities to work together (expectants about JATS and OJS3 migration).
      • Dulip : solr for OMP-Frontend, OJS 3 test update
      • Alec
        • SQL Server (thanks to Laval). Side-effects: PHP warnings; ADODB update. Some thorny issues remain.
        • iThenticate plugin for OJS 3.x/OMP, to be released after upstream library merge:
        • Document centric workflow experiment preview to be published soon
  • Question of the Month
    • What do you think about the influence of big publishers (Scopus, Thomson...) in research and open knowledge and what must be the role of PKP in this scenario?
      • Svantje: big publishers overcharge for oa publishing (, PKP (should) offer(s) good alternatives ( - for small and medium publishers (maybe stronger focus on publisher needs and not single journals).
      • Marc: Large publishers and enterprises in the context of open knowledge are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are aware that there is a change in the academy and, therefore, they seek to project an image of tolerance and openess, but their only objective is the economic return. PKP has played a key role in the dissemination and construction of the concept of open knowledge and proved an alternative is possible. In my opinion, PKP must continue keeping this role as a lighthouse, offering functional and innovative alternatives that put the ecosystem in check.

Release Progress

  • OJS 3.1.1-2 / OMP 3.1.1-2 released to address some missing template escaping
  • Health Sciences and Bootstrap3 themes updated


  • slow but steady translation progress
  • will need to recruit new translators for orphaned locales
  • focus right now on translation workflow and possible alternatives, e.g. using Transifex and hooking it up with GitHub


  • More gitbooks unpleasantness


Other topics

Next Meeting

July 19th, 8am Pacific