Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 June 2018

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In Attendance


Notetaker: JM

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Svantje: merging versioning in master branch (:/)
      • Kenton: Progress largely slowed down with holiday season kicking in. Still finishing remaining 2.x to 3.x OJS migrations. OER pilot using a variety of software options.
      • Marc: Fixing docker4ojs and update to ojs3_1_1-2. Fixing php8VSmysql issues in the dock (moving to mariadb). Setting translation journal to start ca_ES for ojs3. Meeting catalan universities to work together (they are very interested in JATS, translations and OJS3 migration). "rm -rf /" my laptop (recovering).
      • Dulip : solr for OMP-Frontend, OJS 3 test update
      • Alec
        • SQL Server (thanks to Laval). Side-effects (good ones): PHP warnings; ADODB update, now a composer dependency. Some thorny issues remain.
        • iThenticate plugin for OJS 3.x/OMP, to be released after upstream library merge:
        • Document centric workflow experiment preview to be published soon
      • Chris: Two weeks “vacation”—training as a chanteyman at Mystic Seaport—then a week dealing with the summer cold I caught there. Turning attention back to clean PHP code.
      • James: documentation hub (beta coming soon); PKP|PS hosting priorities (see - 11 issues currently open).
        • we'll need to establish a solution for stuff like minute-taking, agendas for the tech committee.
      • Clinton: cleaning up spam registrations from earlier this year. Using Akismet plugin and honeypot. 100s/day->less than a dozen per day. Plugin:
      • Kenton: dusting off Objects for Review plugin.
      • Marco: has started picking up work again. Has talked with Amanda about documentation and translation, and how we could pick up more translators. There are still major languages that don't have translations.
  • Question of the Month
    • What do you think about the influence of big publishers (Scopus, Thomson...) in research and open knowledge and what must be the role of PKP in this scenario?
      • Svantje: big publishers overcharge for oa publishing (, PKP (should) offer(s) good alternatives ( - for small and medium publishers (maybe stronger focus on smaller/medium publisher needs and not single journals).
      • Marc: In the context of open knowledge and research, big publishers and enterprises are wolves in sheep's clothing. Since BOAI (2002) everybody realized a change in the Academy and, those publishers and enterprises, started to try to project an image of tolerance and openness, but it's obvious and notorius their only objective is the economic return. IMHO, during the last 20 years PKP has played a key role in the dissemination and construction of the concept of open knowledge, explaining what we need but also proving that is possible to build alternatives. PKP must continue playing this role, been a lighthouse, but also offering functional and innovative alternatives to help turning the full ecosystem to a real collaborative environment, with public institutions and publishers committed with the knowledge and the social values, instead of the economical profit... as you are doing. Thanks.

Release Progress

  • OJS 3.1.1-2 / OMP 3.1.1-2 released to address some missing template escaping
  • Health Sciences and Bootstrap3 themes updated


  • slow but steady translation progress
  • will need to recruit new translators for orphaned locales: need strategies.
    • up to date: spanish, catalan, german, russian, portuguese, french, scandinavian, turkey (relatively speaking)
    • out of date: all others, except for:
    • notoriously out-of-date or removed locales: Chinese, probably others
  • focus right now on translation workflow and possible alternatives, e.g. using Transifex and hooking it up with GitHub
    • make the workflow easier for new and existing translators.
    • this should be a topic of consideration for the Heidelberg sprint.
  • Next fiscal year @ Pitt: there will be funding initiatives, including a possibility of funding a sprint that could be focused explicitly on international work / translations.
  • one option might be to move these files to a dedicated translator community (eg. rosetta). These folks translate firefox, libreoffice, etc.
    • Transifex will provide us with this kind of capability.
    • Will people who don't actively use our software step in to translate? Will this affect the quality of the software (eg. having translators without expertise in the subject matter)?


  • More gitbooks unpleasantness



Other topics

  • Microsoft acquiring GitHub
    • dependency on SaaS in general (not just github but slack, hangouts, google mail, etc.) is a concern. Maybe a larger topic over the next month.
    • re: moving from github specifically: the worst issue would be moving away from the integrations (travis, etc.).
    • this is also a political/philosophical position as well.
    • proposal: start a working group to examine our use of SaaS and provide options for alternatives.
      • AS will raise this with directors at next meeting, and bring it back to the tech committee.
  • Update to Terms of Reference
  • Question: OCS plans?
  • Import from Zotero/Citavi/etc.?
  • Where did the presentations of the conference go?
    • We're migrating contents from an old server - redirects are currently a little broken, we're working on it.
  • privacy changes for OJS 2 (checkbox for privacy statement)

Next Meeting

July 19th, 8am Pacific