Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 June 2016

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In Attendance


  • Welcome, Carola!

Quick Updates

  • Travel (Alec)
    • Visited Freie Universität Berlin, GESIS (OSCOSS) in Cologne, Heidelberg, ELPUB (Göttingen), AAUP (Philadelphia)
      • AAUP was an eye-opener: much more of a distinction between journal publishing and press management. Press management still focuses significantly on sales, marketing, etc. - open access is not a factor for the most part.
    • Most frequent subjects: API; ORCID; OJS 3.0; OMP OAI.
  • SPF Fix:
    • Tested by Pitt, soon to be committed by Jason.

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OMP 1.2 post-release:
    • Still awaiting confirmation from Google Scholar that OMP indexing has been enabled
  • OJS 2.4.8-1
    • SPF changes complete and tested. Just needs to be committed.
    • LOCKSS PLN fixes added
    • Will be releasing from the OJS 2.4.8 STABLE branch, rather than dev.
    • We should be able to release this before the next technical committee meeting.
  • OJS 3.0
    • Overhaul of production / galleys merged (Alec)
    • PID work merged; CrossRef work proceeding (Bozana)
    • Still targeting summertime, but the issue count had better start going down!

Help / Manuals (Kevin/Alec)

  • We want to start automating our screenshot process (using Selenium), so that we have automatically maintained screenshots for documentation.
  • We've forked the OMP 1.2 gitbook to update for OJS 3.0.

Translation (Marco)

  • major task right now: prepare for OJS 3 release, focus on core locales
  * decided on a workflow
  * starting from ojs-dev-2_4 branch (OJS), master branch (pkp-lib)
  * remove obsolete keys
  * ask translators to complete locale
  • working my way through some OJS 2 additions
  • Alec is still keeping an eye on .po file technology developments, but this isn't for 3.0.

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • UI/UX testing on Production is next. Some submission stage cleanup stuff.


  • have been seeing quite a bit of spam lately. Alec and Clinton have been flagging and deleting. Alec will bring this up internally and will report back.
  • Clinton saw that a poster had posted an ambiguous request for help months ago, and then went back and edited it to display spam.
  • Other lightweight how-to content is also being posted.

Crossref updates

  • OJS 2.4.8 refinements by Bozana are currently being tested by Mike Nason, James.
  • OJS 3.0 refinements to be discussed internally this week.
  • Dulip is ready to manage the OMP DOI port.

Next meeting

July 19, 9am Vancouver time.