Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 July 2015

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In Attendance

Alec, Brian, Clinton, Jeanette, Marc, Kevin

Quick Updates

  • Alec
    • On a German travel junket (Berlin; Heidelberg; etc.)
    • Langsci Press meetings in Berlin; working on OMP; integrated; their goals for OMP match ours very well
    • Meet with Heidelberg next week: XML, etc.
    • Finishing off some OJS 3/OMP work pre-beta release
    • Sprint preparation
  • Clinton
    • Deployed OJS 2.4.6+ with SUSHI-Lite to all ULS journals
    • Testing import from spreadsheet to native XML
      • Create a spreadsheet of issue/article data
      • Add xpath column headers
      • Transform to XML (if you have the RAM)
  • Marc
    • U of Catalonia group interested in OJS
    • Met two weeks ago, optimistic for strong joint venture
    • First goals: ALM stats, reader interface
  • Jeanette
    • Working with journals on DOIs, Refback list, etc.
    • Accessibility issues starting to be raised in Ontario
    • Firefox plugin can do a basic check

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 2.4.6-1
    • Delay continues on a few plugins requiring updates:
      • PKP LOCKSS PLN: Some changes merged; this work is very nearly complete
      • ALM plugin: Some server-side fixes required; these will be done imminently
      • CrossRef tweaks: Awaiting an update
    • This may not be released until after the conference unless the last outstanding pieces are finished ASAP.
  • OJS 3.0b
    • Workflow changes (copyediting) through peer review, some final changes in progress
      • These will need porting to OMP next
    • Comprehensive UI changes nearing code review; these look very good
    • Abbreviated reader front-end work about to commence
  • OMP 1.2
    • Not scheduled yet; this will become a priority after OJS 3.0b release
    • Had a productive meeting with Free University Berlin confirming our priorities and looking at collaboration; more follow-up to come

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

  • Separation of admin / reader interface templates largely complete
  • sneak peek at Nate's work
  • OJS 3 beta will have a very simple default reader interface theme
  • Stanford design students working on an alternative OJS 3 theme
  • Volunteers needed to spend 30-45 minutes to go through the beta installation together? Next week?

Documentation (Kevin)

  • NTR

Translation (Marco)

  • nothing to report

Community Forum (Alec/Kevin)

  • Working well
  • Thanks Clinton for answering questions
  • We could still use more help, if anyone knows possible volunteers

PKP Conference / Sprint

  • Wrapping up final details
  • Everything looks good

Next Meeting

Aug 14 at PKP 2015; Sept 1, 9am PT