Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 February 2017

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • (Dulip) Presentation of JATS-based,Lens viewer in OJS3 in OJS Networking conference, in FU Berlin and a small introduction to the upcoming XML-Editor, texture. , New project : Latex to Jats XML link
  • Versioning (Svantje): ready for pull request when 2 javascript bugs are fixed CodeDescription TODO: DOIs
  • Plugin Gallery starting to populate (OJS 3.0.2+) - Alec
    •, COinS (Zotero), QuickSubmit, Piwik, Manuscript theme
    • Adding soon: Translator plugin
    • Please consider contributing your own to this!
  • Potential new TC member (Alec)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Clinton)
    • What I want to be doing: Refactoring plugins to distinguish contexts (
    • What I'm actually doing: loading discontinued journals into OJS3.
      • Question: do we have an official stance on non-editorial use of OJS?

Release Progress (Alec)

Translation (Marco)

  • Lots of work being merged on the OJS 3.x line. Thanks, translators! Thanks, Marco!

Documentation (Kevin)

  • See mailing list discussion re: Gitbook

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • Upcoming testing round with U of A on OJS pre-3.1.

Other topics

  • Alec will set 3.0.2 as the "current" release for the purposes of the version check.
  • Alec will expedite the next 2.4.x release (in part for the upcoming Crossref URL change).
  • Patches, git and upgrade documentation. Suggest reviewing with a naive eye.
  • Sprint (Alec)
  • mOJO (Marc): [1]
    • What is the current state of container-based hosting e.g. for Drupal?
    • Do OJS 3.x improvements decrease the number of customizations required (e.g. theming)?
    • What kind of modifications are still being done?
    • Suggest circulating via mailing list.

Next Meeting

  • March 21st, 9:00am Vancouver time