Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 1 September 2015

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In Attendance

  • Alec
  • Clinton
  • Jeanette
  • Bozana
  • Dulip
  • Marco

Quick Updates

  • Clinton
    • SUSHI-Lite testing going well with Plum Analytics
      • Needs a user-facing interface
      • Needs locale key work
      • Needs some optional security settings
    • Import from spreadsheet to XML stymied (ambiguous grandchildren problem)
      • Worked for the immediate project
      • Known bug for the general use case
    • Considering testing of Lepidus "full journal transfer plugin"
      • They've contacted PKP, we'll be getting back to them; suggest getting in touch, sending PRs e.g. to add documentation, etc.
  • Bozana
    • Data Privacy for Statistics Plug-in:
      • store salt somewhere (in a file) so that it will not be backed up
      • adapt texts/explanations for the users
    • Automatic (using a cron job i.e. Acron Plug-in) DOI registration to DataCite

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 2.4.6-1 (or 2.4.7?)
    • Issue requires a minor database change, so suggest going to OJS 2.4.7 (with automatic -1 build to follow soon after, at our discretion, to prove toolset)
  • OJS 3.0b
    • Release went well. Need to figure out task-based workflow proposal as top priority for scoping 3.0.
  • OMP 1.2
    • Hope to be able to release this in Q4. Currently porting UI/UX changes over from OJS 3.0b, with fixing/refinement to follow.

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

  • Ongoing: galley cardinalities
  • Ongoing: Nate's task-based workflow proposal
  • Ongoing: forms, general UI/UX cleanup

PKP Conference / Sprint

  • PKP Network Discussion paper
    • Suggest talking about this with James on the call next time.
  • Sprint blog post:
  • Some continuing activity...
    • UI/UX work following from sprint group
    • Help presentation in application
    • ...etc
  • Big thanks to everyone who participated in the sprint and conference.

Translation (Marco)

  • new translations/last month: Serbian, Croatian, Afrakaans, Mongolian, RTL languages...
  • problems after moving keys from application (ojs) to pkp-lib
    • Marco will create a github issue for further discussion
  • talking to translators about reviewing, updating translations and about translating documentation
  • Ongoing complications due to translators starting on wrong branch, missing opportunities to collaborate with already-started translations, etc.
  • Some translations are quite old, and some are never reviewed.
  • Suggest presenting completeness/incompleteness status somewhere. Marco will take a look, maybe calling on Alec for a bit of help if it's possible to present live data based on github branch.
  • Translation complexity: books seem like a bigger task, but they have clear context and are less fiddly; they're actually smaller translation tasks.

Community Forum

  • Need More Information. Spammers still coming, not sure whether account blocking is working.

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, Sept 29, 9am Vancouver time. Alec will initiate.