Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 19 July 2018

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Question of the Month
    • What makes for an awesome Development Sprint?
      • JM: Organization helps a lot. A democratic process for developing ideas to work on. If it's part of a conference, have it at the beginning instead of the end, when folks still have energy.
      • MT: Success. Think of tasks that can be completed/reach a first milestone during the sprint. Boosts motivation a lot. Don't spend too much time on gathering topics at the beginning, get people to work on stuff quickly. Have team members help with tasks, but give them time to do some dev work themselves, especially when the sprint is a rare opportunity to meet in person. For extra awesomeness: snacks and beverages nearby. Maybe have more than one room so that people can have dicussions.
      • DW : write the specifications for task, code it , test it, document it and share it.
      • CM: Clear, achievable goals. Success is rewarding and reinforcing.
      • AM: Core PKP team members overseeing each group, automated tests, sorting issues based on level of difficulty, having not only developers but also targetted users involved.
      • SL: democratic topic selection, food and enough time

Release Progress

  • OJS 3.1.1-2 and OMP 3.1.1-3 holding well (XSS reminder)
  • OJS 3.2 development continues
    • Lots of clean-up (Composer dependencies; Chris's warning clean-up; etc)
    • ADODB work in progress
    • Large merges welcome for a limited time!


  • About to start Transifex test



Other topics

  • Organizational Commitment to Free Software (Followup to Microsoft acquiring GitHub)
  • Update to Terms of Reference
  • Question: OCS plans?
  • Import from Zotero/Citavi/etc.?
  • privacy changes for OJS 2 (checkbox for privacy statement)
  • somebody already working on datacite DOI registration plugin?
  • Any body interested in talking about docker in Heidelberg?

Next Meeting

August 16th, 8am Pacific