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(Quick Updates)
(Release Progress)
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== Release Progress ==
== Release Progress ==
* OJS/OMP 3.1.1-0 released
** Branches (see email)
** Plugin management (see email)
** Issues so far: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3A%22OJS%2FOMP+3.1.1-1%22+
** Expecting a -1 build within the next couple of weeks
== Translation ==
== Translation ==

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Dulip : ORCID Plugin, Conceptualize OJS 3 Update, Lens developments
      • Chris: OCD
      • James: GDPR report; Stats Handbook; documentation framework
      • Kenton: OJS 3.x upgrades
      • Alex: Upgrading SciELO's test instance to v3.1.1; v2.x had slow performance issues last week, solution found: change read/write priority
      • Alec: Automatic PDF document conversion and Hypothes.is in the workflow
      • Clinton: Spam commenter(s) abusing a hosted journal despite ReCAPTCHA v2 and email verification.
  • Question of the Month
    • Let's talk about preprints: author submissions and institutional repositories and peer review
      • Dulip : preprints give time for technical staff to explore the manuscripts beforehand and to get ready for challenges.
      • Chris: We are using CommentPress and Commons in a Box for shared development of scholarly output; I also used to be part of a conspiracy to push toward post-pub peer review and metajournals, but the ScienceOnline meltdown took ScienceSeeker down with it
      • James: NTR on this question.

GDPR Compliance

Release Progress




Other topics

Next Meeting

May 17th, 8am Pacific