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== Next meeting ==
== Next meeting ==
* November 15, 9am Vancouver time.

Latest revision as of 10:26, 18 October 2016

In Attendance

  • CrisM
  • Clinton
  • Dulip
  • Jeanette
  • Kenton
  • Marc
  • Marco
  • Alec

Quick Updates

  • Alec Smecher (PKP)
    • Another group has come forward (SciFlow via FU Berlin) re: web-based editor integration. Talking API.
  • Clinton Graham (Pitt)
    • Modeling pluggable, hierarchical authentication: three forms
      • Internally handled username/password (e.g. LDAP)
      • Internally handled token authentication (e.g. OAuth)
      • Webserver based authentication (e.g. Shibboleth)
      • *Call for input on any others*
    • Modeling locales

Release Progress (Alec)

  • PKP Milestones: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/milestones
    • Provisional dates set
    • Next release: OJS 3.0.1
      • OJS 3.0.2 scheduled, receiving most feature-adds, UI/UX tweaks, etc.
      • OJS 3.0.1 getting most of the bug fixes.
    • Will be experimenting with labeling/projects to distinguish major features from minor ones

Translation (Marco)

  • How to extend xx_YY locale names to support alternate encodings?
    • interesting discussion on "how to deal with script variants of the same language", see https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/1858
    • Proposal: Extend xx_YY to include more detail when available (removing occasional assumptions about its format); use PO-style specifics if possible.
    • File this for 3.0.2. Meanwhile, the current (sometimes incorrectly-named) translations can be used without digging a deeper hole.
  • translation updates for OJS 3 keep coming in
  • received complete Arabic translation for OJS 3 and the OJS 3 help/documentation
  • work with other translators sometimes slow
  • still no word from fr_CA translators, who is going to get in touch? (Alec will ask Brian to check in)
  • several problems with the translator plugin, would love to have a closer look
  • gitbook workflow works good for translations (OJS 3 user guide needs submodule updates from time to time)
  • still have to find time to talk about new formats and workflows for translations in the future

Documentation (Kevin)

  • Documentation working group met; lots of interest. Likely intersection with Documentation blog post from sprint (forthcoming).

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • HTML article presentation (for release in OJS 3.0.1): https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/1825
    • Merged; simple article view. May need refinement/addition of reading tools, but maybe not if strategic integration (e.g. ORCIDs) prioritized on article landing page.
    • For release in next OMP and OJS (3.0.1).

Sprint (Alec)

Other topics

  • Multilingual/single-field names: Talk next time.
  • OJS 3.0 upgrade tales? Please send them.
  • Talking to big OJS platforms regarding their OJS 3 plans?
    • Some internal (hosting) RFPs that will permit PKP to work closely with larger content bases
    • Some performance profiling happening internally (will report)
    • Otherwise focusing on new/smaller journals (see "should I upgrade" blog post), progress as expected.

Next meeting

  • November 15, 9am Vancouver time.