Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 18 April 2017

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In Attendance

Alec, Alex, Chris, Clinton, Dulip, Jeanette, Kenton, Marc, Marco, Svantje

Quick Updates

  • PKP
    • Working towards OJS 3.1; see for milestones. Release delayed to summer.
      • API
      • Subscriptions/payments (copyright is blocking some payment code, potential need for a clean-room rewrite)
      • Lots of cleanup (e.g. strict mode warnings; constructor syntax; etc. -- thanks all)
      • Lots more

Translation (Marco)

  • longer locale names are enabled, schema we agreed on is sr_RS@cyrillic (for a locale variant "cyrillic"). Enabled us to merge the updates for two new Serbian translations in Latin and Cyrillic script. See and the sr_RS updates. Thanks, Kassim!
  • Updates to OJS 3 user guide (Spanish).
  • New volunteers working on translating documentation books.

Documentation (Kevin)

  • Translations of manuals have been coming in. Hoorah!

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • Next round of formal UI/UX testing will be with OJS 3.1

Other topics


  • Copyrights/licenses (awaiting information)


  • documenting of results of previous phase in PKP wiki (e.g. versioning)?
    • Wiki is cluttered, but is probably the best place for now.
  • new project phase, 1 year, Heidelberg + Berlin
  • current task: improving imprint view
  • other tasks: improve email template management, adapt OpenAIRE plugin, Solr and other features (?) for OJS 3
    • Alec suggests considering work on any of the plugins excluded in the OJS3 build script.


  • EZID DOI Plugin and OJS 3 - anybody working on this?
    • VTUL started this, but is not actively using it. Pitt has been a contributor, but will not be moving forward to OJS3 in the near term.


  • Working on Shibboleth for OJS 3 with Clinton (may leapfrog Clinton's prerequisite hell)
  • Working (slowly) on Bootstrap 3 for OMP 3 (based on the OJS3 work)


Next Meeting

May 23, 2017 @ 9am Vancouver time