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(In Attendance)
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== UI/UX ==
== UI/UX ==
* Launching a review on notifications/emails as a team exercise
== Other topics ==
== Other topics ==

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In Attendance

  • Present: Clinton
  • Regrets: Alex, Dulip, Kenton

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • (Dulip) Orcid Plugin Features PR, Solr Search for OMP-Frontend (ctnd.)
      • (Clinton) ClamAV plugin for OJS2, Akismet anti-spam plugin for OJS2, identification/cleanup of 60K+ spam user accounts.
      • (James) GDPR code specs w/Antti-Jussi and Nate; Stats documentation (to be released this week); documentation hub w/PKP|PS and Nate
      • (Alec) Lots of facilitation! Laval; ORCID; open reviews; etc.
  • Question of the Month
    • What can we be doing better to support our developers?
      • (Dulip) Additionally to the gitbooks, may be add youtube video tutorials for frequently asked programming questions. (e.g. How to write a new theme or export plugin)
      • (James) Documentation! Centralize, update, promote.
      • (Alec) Slack invites

GDPR Compliance

GitHub Project: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/projects/11

  • Nearing completion for 3.1.1-1

Guide (V1): http://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/gdpr_pkp_guide.pdf

  • Minor updates, esp. re: cookies, to be added by next week

Release Progress

  • OJS/OMP 3.1.1-1 still a work in progress; 9 issues open, several to be deferred
  • Open Reviews contribution (Antti-Jussi) back-ported for release in 3.1.1-1


  • Alec continuing to handle merges/back-ports; master and 3.1.1 branches remain close together
  • Had an interesting conversation with ORCID re: Transifex



  • Launching a review on notifications/emails as a team exercise

Other topics

Advisory Committee requests

Next Meeting

June 21st, 8am Pacific