Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 17 January 2017

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In Attendance

Alec, Chris, Clinton, Dulip, Jeanette, Kenton, Marc, Marco, Svantje

Welcome, Svantje!

Quick Updates

  • Clinton Graham (Pitt)
    • Vetting API changes (e.g. Article::getStartingPage())
      • Alec: Better to do now than later. Tag in Doxygen to highlight the change? Used in several plugins…
      • Clinton: Aware of plugin usages, most of them seem incorrect. Will look into Doxygen tags.
    • Any memory of "Resubmit Statistics" (aka submissionsRevise)?
      • Alec: Send me more info, will look into it.

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 2.4.8-2: Soon, but not yet
    • security issue concerning journal managers
  • OJS 3.0.2: Scheduled for Feb 1
    • Significant progress on translations; upgrade tweaks/fixes; etc.
  • OMP 3.1: Scheduled for March 1
    • harmonizing release number with OJS
    • several new features
  • OJS 3.1: Scheduled (tentatively) for May 1
    • To include major features, including subscriptions

See for all milestones.

  • an issue can only have one milestone in GitHub, which is a bit awkward

Translation (Marco)

  • some problems with the translation server
    • expect translation updates for OJS 2.4.8-2, OJS 3.0.2 (Marco will send updates soon)
    • M will come up with a plan on how to proceed with the translation install
  • OJS 3 translations: Arabic (see RTL issues), Russian, French (under review)
  • expect Finnish translation, German update
  • major translation updates come in via GitHub, much much easier to maintain
    • working via translation servers has some communication challenges
  • planning for next release
    • Alec has plans… but talks too fast to minute

Documentation (Kevin)

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • some discussion about processes: Kevin collects feedback from reviews, common issues pulled into a spreadsheet with priorities etc.
  • still figuring out how to go from spreadsheet to GitHub
  • want to make sure that UI/UX feedback gets more attention than random feature requests
  • GitHub manifestations of UI/UX testing may link to Google Docs; ask for access if you need it

Javascript Framework / Future Plans (Alec)

  • Some Javascript foundational work is under early discussion within the team
    • encapsulation of objects makes inter-widget interaction troublesome; messaging is needed
    • interaction between handlers and DOM is 1-to-1; MVC direction seems better, requires more separation
  • Call for comments on tools & approaches
    • Kenton supports Vue
    • ongoing discussion in Google Docs
    • Dulip likes Vue and React
      • Alec notes Vue2
    • Alec says someone else (who?) supports Backbone
    • Marc likes Vue

Other topics

Versioning for published articles (Svantje)

  • Tab view ( implemented (
  • Galleys connected with article version (“submission revision”)
  • Current task: create new (unpublished) version from tab
    • Marco: if we allow editing of published content, editors will do it; we will be encouraging that.
    • Alec: don’t be afraid to track multiple revisions; store everything, maybe with a minor-change flag like MediaWiki.
    • Svantje: how would we do major/minor? (Alec: just a Boolean flag)
  • EditorDecision handler vs. own handler?
    • Alec: continue down whatever path you’ve started, and we’ll see in code review how it’s going
  • changes at the database: add submission_revision to published_submissions? (currently only at submission_settings)
    • Alec posts SQL suggestion in Hangout chat
  • timeline concerns: Svantje and Alec will work to make sure it gets done in her available time frame

Locale names (Marco)

  • no solution for longer locale names yet, so we have unmerged translation updates
  • need those to support different encodings/scripts (e.g. Cyrillic and Latin alphabet)
  • see issue
  • any update?
  • Kassim is working on this

Sending passwords in plaintext e-mail (Marco)

OJS 2.x lifecycle (Svantje)

  • Alec: Indefinite; we’ll support 2.x until 3.x has full support for 2.x features like subscription, PubMed plugin, etc. Will then recommend 3.x for new projects, and wind down support over a year or two…
  • Will need to back-port PHP 7 support to OJS 2.x

Next meeting

Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 21 February 2017