Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 16 Jul 2013

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Present: Bart Kawula (OCUL), Brian Gregg (Pitt), Jason Nugent (PKP), Barbara Hui (CDL), Alec Smecher (PKP), Allan Bell (UBC), Bozana Bokan (FUB), Marc Bria (UAB), Lisa Schiff (CDL), Rachael Hu (CDL)

Minutes: Alec (PKP)

Round of updates

  • Alec (PKP): Final preparations for OJS 3.0 alpha; successful review with CDL on Thursday; upcoming review with John on Tuesday. Theming discussion continues, with alpha not going to include results, but to form basis for hacking/discussion.
  • Bartek (OCUL): Continued contact with UofO about OMP pilot; busy but keen, especially after seeing French; hope to hear back within a few weeks.
  • Bozana (FUB): Working to port some updates to the 3.0 codebase; preparing 2 workshops.
  • Brian Gregg (Pitt): Not much to report; just returned from OR2013.
  • Lisa (CDL): Trying to add taxonomy to a workflow; adding new fields to article settings. Frustrating.
  • Marc (UAB): Busy with non-PKP work. Participated in theming discussion; discussion on systems to get feedback from user community. Will send forum post to group describing hosting; will contact Alec re: problematic URLs in OJS.
  • Barbara (CDL): Back-porting for OJS 3.0; stuck on upgrades. Alec will assist.
  • Rachael (CDL): Introduction; working on UI/UX review. Hope to get user testing started by end of month/beginning of next. Working on recruitment; ensuring UI/UX review doesn't collide with user feedback discussion or alpha release. Want to capture all categories of use: editorial-only with publication elsewhere; full workflow and publishing; etc. Different roles. Open to joining this group again to keep projects synchronized.
  • Allan (UBC): Continue to be resource-constrained for technical personnel; not sure this committee is the best fit. Speaking with Brian about other opportunities.
    • Rachael: Advisory? Coordination? Potentials there.
    • Brian: Pittsburgh is in a similar situation.
    • Alec: Suggest continuing to talk with Brian about opportunities and reporting back; he seemed optimistic about UBC's potential.
  • Jason (PKP): Bug fixing; reader front end; preparing for OJS 3.0 alpha release. Will be traveling for approx. 2 weeks.

OJS UX Review project

  • (As above)

Discuss process: Getting feedback from the PKP community

  • Alec: Discussion covers several topics: bridging gap between high- and low-level tasks; soliciting feedback and prioritization; continuous feedback and testing
  • Bozana: Email could work too, depending on process; feels more personal. Not sure whether this was specific to alpha release or ongoing. Not sure if this will involve a lot of additional administration.
  • Alec: Was considering this for ongoing planning and community involvement, not so much specific to Alpha release. We're already looking at ways to categorize/display mid-level tasks internally, so exposing to community might not be much extra administration.
  • Rachael: Was concerned about overlap, now less so. Can use UI/UX review to inform ongoing process.
  • Alec: Like the idea, but can't really help design it because PKP doesn't have methodology. Open to proposals.
  • Marc: Overall suggestions. Asks for a way/tool to know if an website is full reviewed (as far as translators need to test every possible screen); also suggest XAMPP as packaging platform for less technical testers.
  • Rachael: Distinguish between technical testing and end-user testing per CDL.
  • Bozana: Also specific tasks have opportunities for testing, e.g. file upload, which is quite different from before.
  • Jason: Another testing platform option is VirtualBox images.
  • Alec: VirtualBox image could be interesting tie-in to old/moribund "PKP appliance" discussion, which needs proposals. Packaging too much risks decreasing platform testing, but suspect it would result in more testers overall.
  • Jason: Likewise Mark Leggott's work on Islandora (?) (WRT images and appliances).
  • Alec: Conversation is diverging; suggest regrouping and problem-solving each element separately.
  • Barbara: Will summarize based on minutes.
  • Alec: Will introduce Marc to translation tools discussion (Pootle, Transifex)

ORCID grant opportunity

  • Lisa: Might be an opportunity for a group to take it on and partner/cooperate with PKP.
  • Alec: Have already been approached by 3 groups with similar ideas. Have to tackle some author disambiguation work internally before ORCID integration would be suitable; spec work underway. Not sure how applicable membership is going to be to our user community. Will inquire with ORCID about possibilities.

PKP Tech Committee Meeting

  • At PKP Conference in Mexico City - Tuesday 20 August during lunch, which is 1:15-3pm
  • Details for telepresence not available yet, but it's a priority