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(UI/UX (Kevin/Alec))
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* help from U of A
* help from U of A
* ongoing work with Smithsonian
* ongoing work with Smithsonian
* [https://pkp.sfu.ca/2016/02/05/ojs-3-0-documentation-draft-registering/ "Registering" blog post]; "Submitting" coming this week
* [https://pkp.sfu.ca/2016/02/05/ojs-3-0-documentation-draft-registering/ "Registering" blog post]; "[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u9dHx_xhp7pq2O6wKVJbhuTho5nr1BznRpur9ve6XM0/edit "Submitting"]" coming this week
== OA Co-op (Kevin) ==
== OA Co-op (Kevin) ==

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In Attendance

Quick Updates



  • Update all journals to 2.4.8, enable statistics plugin with data privacy option


  • some issues for OMP 1.2
  • pub id migration to OJS 3.0

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 2.4.8 released. Thanks to everyone involved!
  • OMP 1.2
    • Progress on notifications, emails, editor replacement uploads, help, ...
    • Translation planning
  • OJS 3.0
    • Some useful fixes/contributions from the community in recent weeks
    • (Otherwise continuing progress per OMP 1.2)

PKP Network/Index (James/Kevin)

  • PKP Index
  • over 150 publications; 45000+ items
  • continuing to make small improvements to interface, data display
  • blog post soon with a wider invitation
  • will also be doing targeted invitations

Help / Manuals (Kevin/Alec)

  • OMP 1.2 Gitbook
  • in-application help files
  • supports multiple languages
  • structure almost complete; will be able to link gitbook pages to appropriate screen
  • now just need to write the content


UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

OA Co-op (Kevin)

  • Canadian journals project
  • identifying 50 English-language journals to add to Erudit package
  • looking at using XML parser to convert PDFs into Erudit usable XML


  • Confirmed for April 25-26 in Montreal, co-hosted by Erudit
  • Invitations are imminent if they haven't gone out already
  • Focus will be on OMP 1.2 (which should be released) and OJS 3.0 (which will be a main priority). E.g.:
    • integration with external services
    • documentation (gitbooks)

Next Meeting