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(Quick Updates)
(Old Business)
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* Continued discussion on Organizational Commitment to Free Software
* Continued discussion on Organizational Commitment to Free Software
* Interest in talking about Docker
* Interest in talking about Docker
* CLA Assistant OK to go ahead with? https://github.com/cla-assistant/cla-assistant
== Release Progress ==
== Release Progress ==

Latest revision as of 08:46, 16 August 2018

In Attendance

Alec, Alex, Chris, Clinton, Dulip, James, Kenton, Marc, Marco

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Alec:
      • Marco: merging translations, thinking about workflows & software, looking at the documentation hub
      • Dulip:
        • python 3 support meTypeset interactive modus , OJS 3 update, ORCID
      • Alex:
        • Launch of SciELO 20 Years Repository, which is a pilot for using OJS as preprints: http://repository.scielo20.org/
        • Submissions are restricted to content related to the upcoming SciELO 20 Years Conference.
        • ISSN needed to register DOI (CrossRef registration plugin). We need a workaround for that considering the repository is not a journal. DataCite plugin might be a solution but requires a different contract (SciELO uses CrossRef).
      • Chris:
        • cleaning up PHP, bugging Alec about it
        • about to start OMP-centric peer review of externally-hosted content; will let team know how it goes
      • Clinton:
        • Bumping PHP / RHEL base versions, in absence of a sysadmin
      • Kenton:
        • Several new OJS journals, hoping to get back to development work with Objects for Review type functionality. Sonya Betz will be replacing me on the technical committee.
  • Question of the Month
    • What are your suggestions for the updated Terms of Reference?
      • Marco: see draft, emphasize sustainability, open infrastructure, scholar-led publishing

Old Business

Release Progress

  • OJS 3.1.1-4 is likely to get scheduled in the next weeks for quick release
  • OJS 3.2: Still a huge list of outstanding work, but making progress
    • Thanks for all your warning work, crism!
    • Watching for metadata versioning rebase (with apologies for simultaneous churn)
    • Filing/implementing UI/UX results from email/notification tests


  • major OJS translation updates for Czech, Spanish, and Ukrainian
  • trying to make another attempt at getting different translators for the same language to agree on something
  • delayed working on transifex test, trying to put a few tasks together for the Heidelberg sprint


  • All moved to the PKP Docs Hub: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca
  • Gitbooks have been deleted
  • pkp github repos have been retired (still "active" with their histories, but now with a note as to where the content can be found; will be deleted in 6 months)
  • PKP wiki to be retired (with wayback snapshot) on Sept. 1 2019
    • Tech comm will need to find a solution to the minutes-taking


  • Email and notification testing was very helpful. Sessions are recorded & documented and issues are getting filed and implemented, some for OJS 3.2.
  • Need to consider several bigger picture issues:
    • Email delivery / DMARC problems
    • Future workflow/email sending UI

Other topics

  • future of Tech Committee minutes

Next Meeting

September 20th, 8am Pacific (at a pub in Heidelberg?)