Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 16 August 2018

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Question of the Month
    • What are your suggestions for the updated Terms of Reference?

Old Business

  • Update to Terms of Reference
  • Continued discussion on Organizational Commitment to Free Software
  • Interest in talking about Docker

Release Progress


  • major OJS translation updates for Spanish and Ukrainian


  • All moved to the PKP Docs Hub:
  • Gitbooks have been deleted
  • pkp github repos have been retired (still "active" with their histories, but now with a note as to where the content can be found; will be deleted in 6 months)
  • PKP wiki to be retired (with wayback snapshot) on Sept. 1 2019
    • Tech comm will need to find a solution to the minutes-taking


Other topics

  • future of Tech Committee minutes

Next Meeting

September 20th, 8am Pacific (at a pub in Heidelberg?)