Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 16 August 2016

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

Dulip, Heidelberg

  • Progress on OMP Python-Frontend: citeproc-js intergration[1], expand meTypeset
  • Intergration-tests for latex ( latex -> TEI XML -> JATS XML ) into the book publishing workflow. [2]
  • OMP tests, OAI interface

Email / SPF redux (Clinton)

  • Recent/pending changes at some big providers may necessitate a reversion in OJS 2.4.8-1's email behavior:
    • Gmail (for example) states: "All unauthenticated messages from these [eBay, Paypal, and Google] domains will be immediately sent to the spam folder."
    • Email may pass SPF, but still fail DKIM and DMARC
    • DKIM should not affect the product (probably?)
    • DMARC may affect the product - testing workaround via
      • Currently satisfies DMARC, but still sometimes gets spamtrapped in Gmail testing
      • DKIM setup passing, with DMARC failing, may be a viable fix. Clinton investigating.
      • James will follow up w/PKP about whether we're sending DKIM-signed or DMARC-compatible email.
      • Alec can review the patch once complete.
      • Possible DKIM check tool:

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 3.0
    • Scheduled for August 31st
    • Crucial work: upgrade scripts and plugin work
  • OJS 2.4.8-1
    • Released August 3rd

Help / Manuals (Kevin/Alec)

Outstanding work:

  • Internal help files: lots of changes still, so will need some cleanup before release.
  • Same with email templates, esp. those that have instructions.

Documentation Interest Group:

  • Lots of volunteeers.
  • First meeting: August 31, 7am PDT.
  • Lots to do, more and less technical.

Translation (James/Alec on behalf of Marco)

  • German, Spanish, Portuguese, and hopefully French will be available for 3.0.
  • No firm locale freeze for release.
    • In the future: maybe treat translations like plugins, so they are managed outside of the main repo, so they can be managed/translated separately (incl. post-release).

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • Over the past 8 months we've tested on: registration; submission; review; copyediting; layout.
  • Special thanks to Sonia Bentz and University of Alberta for leading these.
  • We have a graphic designer to develop a new theme for OJS 3; hoping that it'll be there for release.

Early adopters:

  • Putting together an OJS 3 early adopters group.
    • If you know of anyone who is really interested in OJS 3, and would want to do some upgrade testing, let us know.
  • Reconnect with OMP 1.1 early adopters to move them to OMP 1.2.
  • Will put together an XML typesetting early adopters group as well.

Sprint (Alec)

  • Blog post out already. Please register! We'll also be canvassing for topics.

Next meeting

  • Sept. 13, 9am PDT.