Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 16 April 2013

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Present: Bart Kawula (OCUL), QinQin Lin (OCUL), Brian Gregg (Pitt), Jason Nugent (PKP), James MacGregor (PKP), Barbara Hui (CDL), Alec Smecher (PKP), Lisa Schiff (CDL)

Minutes: Alec (PKP)

Overall purpose of meeting: discuss our charge, structure and membership.

  • Reintroductions
    • Each of the PKP committees is now being chaired by a non-PKP member, appointed by the Advisory Committee. This is the first Tech Committee meeting with Barbara (CDL) as chair, which is why we are reintroducing ourselves to the group at this point.
  • Review and discuss membership
    • PKP team: Jason and Alec primarily; James also welcome.
    • 1 each from development partners
      • Several partners have two
      • Not certain who will participate from UBC yet (awaiting news)
      • Stanford doesn't need specific inclusion
    • 3 volunteers from Members Committee
      • Alec (PKP) will send Members Committee membership and terms of reference for consideration in crafting our own terms
    • 3 at-large members from the community:
      • Is "appointed" too strong a word? Suggest considering "invited"
      • Alec (PKP) suggests discussing some potential members before the next meeting or at an interim meeting.
    • Concern about numbers.
      • Perhaps some will watch minutes; not all need be on calls?
      • Will start with current proposals and see if it becomes cumbersome.
      • Alec (PKP) will follow up with Brian (PKP) to see if he's aware of this discussion amongst other groups.
  • Meeting frequency
    • Will meet monthly.
    • Tuesday mornings 9am good for current participants and should work for European time zones.
    • Suggest 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of every month; Barbara (CDL) will follow up.
    • Suggest keeping the calls as short as possible.
  • Review our charge
    • Charge #1: Guide priorities and methodologies
      • Priorities and practices currently not clear to the group.
      • Alec (PKP) will send out some priorities and practices examples to the group.
      • James (PKP) will summarize what's available for the group in time for the next meeting.
    • Charge #2: Undertake specific tech assignments on behalf of PKP. What is everybody doing in this regard?:
      • CDL
        • Waiting for OJS 3.0a for the review. Rachael will be doing UI/UX then.
        • Barbara helping to do some back-porting with review forms.
      • OCUL
        • Bart: Figured out code management in github; went on back-burner. Looking forward to results of UI/UX review; will help in implementation.
        • Qinqin: Getting code from github repo & running it; next week will tinker at bugs that she received. Has questions. Next week.
      • Pittsburgh: personnel changes; up in the air.
        • Contributed icons to OMP last year
        • Evaluating OMP; 1 dev instance. Vanessa active on forum.
        • OJS installs. Took over another host; have currently close to 70 journals.
        • Default notifications; last names only, single-name authorities.
        • No contributions to official PKP codebase currently; modifications not yet ready for distribution.

Thanks to Barbara for organizing and chairing.