Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 15 November 2018

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In Attendance

  • Present: Clinton, Dulip, James, Kevin, Alec, Leah, Marco, Marc
  • Regrets: Alex, Svantje

Quick Updates

  • Question Every Month
    • What have you been working on lately?
      • Alec:
      • Clinton: Upgrade to OJS3 for Scholarly Exchange (30+ journals in one install with lots of legacy data)
      • Dulip : lens-bits viewer customizations, ojs plugin, texture plugin
      • Marco: housekeeping (translations), struggling with an OJS3 upgrade and with the texture plugin
  • Question of the Month
    • PKP has requested feedback on the proposed creation of a Service Provider Network, with goals of:
      • helping build communications among service providers
      • highlighting contributions these providers have made to the community
      • helping those looking to pay for services to find out about trusted providers
        • What do you see as opportunities / challenges / risks here?

Old Business

Release Progress

  • Stable git branches of old apps now run PHP7:
    • ojs-stable-2_4_8
    • ocs-stable-2_3_6
    • ohs-stable-2_3
  • Still working on 2 major merges:
    • Versioning
    • Setup forms


  • housekeeping translations
  • swamped with tasks, no update on translation workflow, definitely need help in that area


v1.1 of the documentation is now live:

  • "Improve this document" link
  • contributor guidelines
  • 3 documents translated into Arabic
  • Updated Translations guide
  • Really nice uptake by DIG

v1.2 will include Getting Found, Staying Found


Other topics

Next Meeting

December 20 (?), 2018: 11am Pacific