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(Release Progress (Alec))
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== Documentation ==
== Documentation ==
*Last DIG meeting postponed
*work will pick up again soon with Kevin back from vacation
== UI/UX ==
== UI/UX ==

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Clinton Graham (Pitt)
    • Allowing plugins to inherit settings from site to context
      • https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/issues/1923
      • Questions on data conventions and UI/UX - can be sent to forum, and other available channels as long as they're cross-linked
      • Lost in the weeds of GridHandler RoleAssignments
    • Release Notifications
      • Concern about how Admins, Managers, Editor, etc. are notified of new and changed features and configuration
        • tags for features and bug fixes
      • Does this tie into the development pipeline?

Release Progress (Alec)

  • 3.0.1 release from master branch scheduled for today. Implications for OMP release as 3.1 in parallel
    • When should people be migrating? Wait for 3.1 if you need subscription module, 3.0.0 is stable so you can go ahead now with some test migration. Always do a complete backup including files directory

Translation (Marco)


  • Last DIG meeting postponed
  • work will pick up again soon with Kevin back from vacation


  • Bootstrap theme plugin for OMP? (Chris)
    • Any interest in collaborating on this?

Other topics

Next meeting