Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 15 March 2016

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In Attendance


Committee Meeting software

We’ll continue using Hangouts for meeting (may look at paid option eventually); will track minutes during meeting in Google Docs; Marco will migrate Docs notes over to Minutes on wiki.

Quick Updates


  1. OMP Interface and Plugin Development, Project application OJS  (Heidelberg)
  2. provides public, private keys for manuscripts. Tracks usage for royalty purposes.
  4. Writing a proposal for further funding for a .75 FTE OJS developer position.
  5. Also improving ORCID ID. ~6 months of programming for this, while Heidelberg only has one year of time.
  6. OMP interface (python) in
  7. Github


  1. Some issues for OMP 1.2, Pub IDs and Crossref plugins for OJS 3.0 (Bozana)


  1. UofA have formally signed off on development partner paperwork.
  2. UofA/Juan/Jason will have a conversation soon about PKP ALM.
  3. We’ll also send out an email to schedule some informal group conversations around deployment mechanisms.


  1. Work proceeds on COUNTER proposal for a client. Will involve Clinton in that.

Release Progress (Alec)

  1. OJS 2.4.9?
  2. OMP 1.2
  3. OJS 3.0

PKP Network/Index (James/Kevin)

  1. Has slowed down a little bit; Kevin will be putting up a blog post to encourage interest.

Help / Manuals (Kevin/Alec)

  1. OMP 1.2 manual git repository:
  2. Will continue work on this at the sprint.
  3. Possible blog post incoming.
  4. It’ll be in 1.2 for sure.

Translation (Marco)

  1. Erudit is willing to work on fr_CA translations of OJS and maybe OMP.
  2. OJS recent locale updates: large pt_PT update
  3. OMP recent locale updates: ca_ES (new locale), es_ES, de_DE
  4. some pressure regarding OJS 3 from early adopters
  5. preparing for OMP release (and by that learn sth for OJS 3)

Marco and Marc will be doing some pair work on porting oxs-dev translations to master. This will be a lot of work (and fun).

Note regarding PO files/gettext: we had a contractor look at this before, with limited results. We’ll dig the report up and pass it on. We are open to moving to something OSS to manage this. Also important: GitHub integration.

  1. Marco suggests that context is still very important to consider when translating.

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  1. Proceeding, also w/a member from UofA.

Primarily on OMP:


  1. April 25/26
  2. We need to pass along the recommended hotels (Alec).
  3. Telepresence: wifi and a projector.
  4. Request: share suggested topics *before* the event starts, so that remote participants can know what to join.
  5. We’ll share Google Docs w/subgroups as we have done before. Remote participants can then follow along.
  6. Registration is live (see main PKP website): Blog: and topic proposals:
  7. Suggestion to have a chat available, maybe using IRC.

Next meeting

April 12, 9am PST