Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 14 Nov 2013

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In attendance:

Alec Smecher, Bozana Bokan, Jason Nugent, Marc Bria, Rachel Hu, Barbara Hui

Round of Updates


  • getting OMP 1.1 done. Testing needs to be started shortly. Stats needs to be migrated. Working on import tools.
  • also doing some backing work for UI/UX. Staying off of interface changes for OJS.
  • still about to release OJS 2.4.3; final work on stats testing is taking longer work.


  • previous project has ended; waiting to hear about new project (beginning of December).
  • some journals would like to participate in OJS 3.0 review process.
  • evaluating OMP as well. Would like someone to walk her through the workflow.
  • backporting.


  • finished off Github action item (Github Documentation for PKP Contributors). Reviewed by Brian Gregg.
  • working on OJS 3.0 stuff (UI/UX)
  • getting ready for 2.4.3 OJS release.
  • Working on ONIX and import/export tools for OMP 1.1.


  • working on script that he will be demonstrating today.


  • tail end of data gathering phase; 2 more tests left.
  • tesitng with admins, jms, authors, editors, reviewers.
  • putting OJS 3.0 through its paces at all levels of workflow.
    • working through journal migration/import as well.
  • moving into analysis phase.
    • looking to wrap up by December


  • providing support for UI/UX until that was handed off to Jason.
  • attended the PKP advisory committee, gave feedback to that group.
    • committee suggested we consider having an unconference at the next AGM (annual general meeting).
    • list of priorities for OJS 3.0 were discussed; committee would like us to weigh in on those in conjunction with the member's committee

PKP unconference at AGM 2014? (Barbara)

Hackfest for sure, possibly also an unconference.


Weighing in on OJS 3.0 priorities in collaboration with the Members Committee? (Barbara)

  • Agreed.

Jason and Brian's git(hub) documentation - please read/use and comment

Next meeting - Tuesday 17 December, 9am PST. UPDATE: December meeting cancelled. We will reconvene in January.

Marc provided a presentation "About mOJO (Multiple OJs Operations)".