Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 14 April 2015

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Clinton Graham (Pitt ULS)
    • Still tasked with implementing ORCID in a non-PKP project
    • Probably returning to OJS in a couple of weeks to begin testing/bugfixing the SUSHI-Lite plugin with Plum Analytics
  • Bozana Bokan
    • planing the update to OJS 2.4.6 + starting to use git for hosted journals
    • smaller OMP developments
    • protection of privacy data
      • plan for the next few months; for both OJS and OMP: statistics plugin; social media plugin; and Log in as option
    • Felix is also working out very well.
      • currently working on public files upload possibility; and import/export of email templates
  • Marc Bria
    • Starting OJS 2.4.5 theming adaptation for
    • Helping OMP translators that next will start the testing process.
    • Reviewing our journals to ensure metadata is complete.
  • James MacGregor/hosting
    • We've been looking at using gitlabs to better manage our customized journal. Will work on documentation and send to group. Clinton, Marc and Bozana in particular are interested.

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 2.4.6 went well: bug w/subscriptions already popped up.
  • OMP 1.1.2? May just jump to OMP 1.2 unless there's a particular call for a new stable release.
  • OJS 3.0 beta is still on track for August/conference release. Brian, Alec, Kevin have been meeting to ensure that our more important features are making it in.
    • Have a new developer working on UI/UX stuff and plugin gallery for 3.0 (Nate).

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

  • Progress on several elements (new submission list, copyediting discussion tool, etc.)
  • Working to separate reader interface templates and workflow interface templates
  • Early mockup of new administrative interface ideas
  • Will have some mockups of one or two reader interfaces soon
  • Moving toward Gitbook for PKP documentation; better version control (language, software version)
  • Looking at replacing XML-based internal application Help files with Gitbook docs
    • Marco may be tasked to look at translation options :-)
  • Article display discussions
  • User registration discussions
  • Report on Section 508/WCAG compliance:
    • good at the letter, but maybe not the spirit of the law
    • reader front end: no problem
    • screen readers: ok
    • backend: some problems, we're investigating
  • Bootstrap: haven't firmly agreed that this will be a dependency, but we're looking at it.

Release Automation (Alec)

  • Ready to perform first test release of OJS 2.4.6-1 when the patch set is appropriate.

Translation (Marco)

  • Nothing major ATM.
  • Received Arabic translation.
  • Have been encountering more frequent situations where someone who is not our main translator sends in a suggested change. Will have to develop some sort of workflow for managing this, so that main translators are included.

New Forum (Alec/Kevin)

  • Old forum now to be closed.
  • Clinton: workflow has changed substantially. Previously, used RSS/email. Some challenges to move over and keep up with information flow.
    • Email tweaking may help - there are listserv-like options available, apparently.
  • Bozana: some concern that the one forum for all software may be problematic.
    • We're still waiting for a proper tag plugin to be made stable, at which point folks can tag their threads with the software they're using.
  • Marco: also having problems moving over to new workflow. Thinks the new situation with the one forum etc. is ambitious, but working well.
  • Marc: It will take some time to switch over to this environment; it's a whole new environment, and we have to learn it. Maybe still too soon to tell how well it's working. Likes a lot writing, but feels is difficult to find posts and take a clear picture about how active is the community.
  • PKP team will discuss discoverability/readability/external tracking more on Thursday.
  • Will also decommission the old forum.

Next Meeting

May 19, 9am PST