Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 13 September 2016

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In Attendance


Quick Updates


Release Progress (Alec)

  • OJS 3.0 released!
    • Thanks and congratulations, everyone.
    • Next milestones: 3.0.1 (soon), 3.1 (not quite as soon), 3.2 (later)
      • Issues being allocated: bugfixes, quick submit plugin for 3.0.1; subscription/APC support for 3.1
    • So far: minor platform issues, a few minor bugs, etc. Follow ojs-stable-3_0_0 branch for details.
    • First journals already migrated/launched; watching for interesting examples.
    • Marco did lots of work on translations.
    • Continuing to watch the forum and listen to users.

Translation (Marco)

  • OJS 3 translations: release includes English, German, Portuguese, Spanish. Already demand for more reported in the forum.
    • German and Spanish still lack a few strings.
  • Blog post coming up
  • Next on agenda:
    • gitbook on translations
    • engage more with community, engage responsible translators in reviewing smaller contributions by other translators
    • identify translations good to have(e.g., see list of journals) and translations in particular good/bad shape
    • scrap unused keys
  • Review of translator plugin with focus on UI/UX
    • Could be a sprint work item.
  • Can the branches be cleaned up on GitHub? Alec says yes.
  • No contact with Université de Montréal; Érudit was waiting for a code freeze, but then was on vacation in August.
  • Marc reminded us that there is a dedicated Spanish/Catalan translator available; not on GitHub yet, but Marc will help that happen.
  • Next translations: Catalan, French, Russian, Arabic; probably Arabic will be next.
  • Alec wants to make long-term plans, e.g. transition to PO files. Alec and Marco will talk in October.

Documentation (Kevin)

  • Documentation Interest Group has had a good response. First meeting last month; will try to meet monthly.
  • New OJS 2.4.8 doc in Gitbook nearly complete.
  • New OJS 3.0 doc in Gitbook
  • New version of Getting Found, Staying Found in progress
  • Clinton asked if documentation issues should be raised within the Doc IG project, or on pkp-lib like other issues?
    • Kevin says Mike Nason will know, and will get an answer.
  • Alec notes the tech reference is out of date, and also made some point about Travis and documentation(?)

UI/UX (Kevin/Alec)

  • Listening to feedback on the OJS 3 release
  • Planning new round of usability testing in the fall
  • Contracted a designer for an alternative OJS 3 theme
    • Front page mockup is here; he is now working on an article page mockup

Sprint (Alec)

  • Going over topics
  • Evaluating technology for remote participation

Other topics

  • Marc raised an issue with many publishers in Spain forking the code to provide a citations badge that extends or abuses Dublin Core.
    • Alec suggested the Driver and OpenAIRE plugins, both OJS 2.x, as examples for altering OAI output for national/regulatory compliance and definitely a plugin would be better than forking the code
    • Marco suggested raising this on the forum for broader input and a general solution

Next meeting

Tuesday 18 October, 09:00 Pacific Time