Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 13 January 2015

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In Attendance

Alec, Bartek, Clinton, Jason, Jeanette, Kevin, Marc, Marco

Quick Updates

  • Clinton Graham (Pitt)
    • Retooling plugins/reports/counter
      • Allow multiple COUNTER releases
        • new Counter class; Counter3 implements Counter, Counter4 implements Counter
        • new CounterRelease class; CounterRelease3 implements CounterRelease; CounterRelease4_1 implements CounterRelease
      • Allow multiple COUNTER reports per release
        • new JR1_r3 implements Counter3, new AR1_r4 implements Counter4
        • new JR1_r3 implements CounterRelease3, new AR1_r4_1 implements CounterRelease4_1
        • Each report provides methods getMetricsXML() and getErrors(), among others
      • Allow plugin to enumerate available reports
    • SUSHI-Lite plugin (plugins/generic/sushiLite) can thus:
      • take in parameters of the report and release
      • verify the availability of the report in plugins/reports/counter
      • attempt execution
      • deliver response of data and/or error conditions
  • Alec
    • Meeting with Bozana et al this week, grant funding available
  • Jason
    • Working on AAA plugin; almost done - on to UI/UX changes
  • Marc
    • Update some OJS themes to 2.4.5 (noticed that we have a lack on HTML/CSS coding styles and good pratices)
    • Working with OMP es_ES and ca_ES translators (starting process)
    • Update es_ES wiki to fit Marco's translation page proposal.
  • Bartek
    • Looking at using OJS as an open access megajournal, with Canadian Science Publishers
    • Modifications not too huge; not looking at using workflow, so we could look at using OJS 3 codebase

Release Progress (Alec)

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

  • User feedback has come back positive about moving to an online discussion-based format for copyediting communication
  • Now looking at how to integrate that approach into production and review
  • Getting close to scheduling release dates for a second alpha, a beta, and ultimately a production release of OJS 3
  • Working with Bozana on reader interface work
  • Working with John Willinsky on initial design of reader interface

New Forum Demo

  • We've reviewed a number of possible phpbb replacements for our current forum and like the look of Discourse (used by Boing Boing, for example}.
  • Here's our demo:
  • We're also rethinking the categories, moving away from separate application categories or attempts at distinguishing between technical and non-technical questions
  • Feel free to create an account and mess around
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Github logins are possible

Recommended Patches List

  • Some progress in solving DB issues (simple answer: scheduled releases won't do them)
  • Need to add scheduled release information to version data; we currently only support w.x.y-z
    • Can we use z as week number?
    • How frequent? Weekly, monthly, quarterly?
    • Alec will consult with James, who manages our hosting installations out of github
  • Upgrade test suite will become possible with OJS 2.4.6 (as we'll have two successive releases with CI DB available)
  • Better automation of build process will become possible after OJS 2.4.6 (as we'll have completed the transition to git issues from Bugzilla)

Markup Best Practices

See e.g. for discussion

  • Need better use of HTML in OJS (especially looking toward OJS 3)
  • Style guide / coding standards to help coders with better code for PKP
  • Link it into live examples of best practices (i.e., an exemplar plugin)
  • Marc will start a thread on the new forum
  • Alec will link to any existing documents

Next Meeting

  • February 10, 2015 at 9am PT