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== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==
Tuesday, April 14

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

  • Alec: Heavy lifting underway on what will be OJS 3.0
    • will affect OJS 3.0b and also OMP
  • Clinton: Nothing of immediate interest.
  • James: Metapress migration project has been completed.

Release Progress (Alec)

  • development work is pretty much finished
  • lots of fixes from Bruno, Jason
  • OJS 2.4.6 in translation
  • will discuss release date on Friday based on translations

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

  • Hope to start work on plugin gallery soon
    • have made contact with a new developer w/Wordpress experience; we'll start him out with a contract to work on this initially
    • can't start until the end of March, but may join us in some of these meetings as appropriate
    • proving to be much better to manage plugins as separate repositories
  • Reviewed DOI exclusion work (started by Bozana, picked up and merged by Jason)
    • also discussing in migrating the plugin stuff to OMP/OJS3 w/Bozana; she's currently very busy, but has a partial plugin implemented.
  • Theming infrastructure work
    • bootstrap implementation
    • focus has been on OMP/OJS3 branches
    • focus on separating front- and back-ends
    • Alec has been working on implementing a template file overwriter plugin
    • talked with Jon Whipple; said we have to define a bit of a social contract with themers
    • Alec has spent some time improving documentation
    • Jon has been writing a few demo themes up
    • hosting team also discussing this with another group
  • Heidelberg's reader front end work proceeds on OMP
    • esp. around work of edited volumes, purchase of chapters, etc.
    • sent in a pull request; review is in progress
  • Using remote files and services as submission files
    • James will forward relevant emails; we'll include as a separate agenda item next time

Release Automation (Alec)

  • Preliminary work, including a script to automatically build releases: https://github.com/asmecher/ojs/tree/i347-fix
    • we'll try this after OJS 2.4.6.
    • would like to do more work on test releases
    • database updates will trigger a non-point release
    • could manage updates from git branch automatically (hosting)

New Forum

  • Kevin: New forum is live
    • welcome message, code of conduct is all up
    • we still need to figure out our best practices
    • will start tagging people if they are a good fit for answering a question
    • will continue to use the old forum for the next month; at the end of the month, will disable logins but still keep it online

Markup Best Practices

Translation (Marco)

  • changing default behaviour when no translated key is available?

Next Meeting

Tuesday, April 14